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Letv Bluetooth Speaker Review: Sleek, affordable and power-packed

LeTv Bluetooth Speaker (4)

LeEco, formerly known as Letv, is all set to expand its horizons in accessories market after venturing into different ecosystem services such as smartphones and smart TVs. The company has come up with a portable Bluetooth speaker named “Letv Bluetooth Speaker”.

We received the review unit from the company a couple of days ago, and I have been using this cool piece of tech ever since. So before you head for purchase, take a reference from my experience with the device.

Box Contents:

1. Letv Bluetooth Speaker

2. Charging cable

The speaker came in a plain cardboard box. When opened it, I was welcomed by this cylindrical speaker and a charging cable. That’s it you get in the box with this Bluetooth speaker, which looks quite comfortable and portable.

Build quality also seems good having a single button for on/off and connectivity function. Grills are made of metal and has rubberised design at one side to make it steady and prevent from possible slide due to heavy bass.

LeTv Bluetooth Speaker (3)

Speaker is lightweight and doesn’t look cheap at all. You don’t get much controls on this speaker, just a Micro USB port can be seen at the top that takes 5V input.

I had no problem while pairing them with my device, all you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and select Letv Bluetooth Speaker from the list, and there you go. It will connect with your smartphone within flicks of seconds, should I say thanks to Bluetooth 4.0! The technology optimizes speaker’s performance by allowing less power consumption with the more reliable connection.

LeTv Bluetooth Speaker (2)

As I said, there are very minimal controls given, top of the speaker features multi-function button for on/off, Bluetooth connectivity and single press to play or pause the music. In fact, calls can be answered too with this button. Quite a multi-tasker!

LeTv Bluetooth Speaker (1)

Concerning performance, the little beast performed as I expected. I was amazed to see the sound output with an impressive amount of bass, which is very rare for such small speaker, the sound is surprisingly rich, crisp and clear. Trebles aren’t bad either, but as I experienced with other similar range Bluetooth speakers, you can only push the sound to some extent, beyond maxing out causes music distortion. So it the case with Letv Bluetooth speaker.

The only issue I could figure out is the limited controls, but that would be nit-picking. There is not much to say about the 1200mAh battery, which is capable enough to give 9-10 hours of playback time easily.


  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality
  • Compact design
  • Bluetooth and Micro USB support
  • Nice color options


  • No that I could find


Now before I make my verdict, I want everyone to keep in mind that this is a budget speaker and expecting premium quality and design would be a bit harsh. This cylindrical wireless speaker offered in four vivid colors- Pink, Orange, Blue and Black, and is made available on Amazon for $20. This is undoubtedly a fabulous speaker for the price, performance is great and is available in playful peppy color options. Absolutely in my recommendation list.