Vehicles theft is a common issue in India and everyone try something to get their vehicles secured. But nothing works better than technology and that’s why Letstrack has brought Letstrack Prima in India. It is a Vehicle GPS Monitoring device which keeps the track of your vehicle and makes it more secure from theft. And the best part of this device is that it is not expensive at all, the whole device is Rs. 7,499 and it is available in almost every state in India.

Letstrack Prima is a Vehicle GPS Monitoring device which tracks every movement of your device from just an app that you need to install on your smartphone. You can track everything on your device just by using your smartphone. And not just tracking the vehicle, it enables you to lock, unlock and control more features of your vehicle from your smartphone only.

I recently got the Prima device installed in my car a few days back and here is my detailed analysis of this magical device.

I live in Delhi and where finding a safe parking is like a wish come true, but wish cannot be fulfilled all the time and you’ve to park your car in unattended situations most of the time. Being in a situation like this, you always find yourself worried about your car all the time. But not anymore!

From the day I have started using Prima in my car, it has taken away all my tensions and worries of my car getting stolen if left unattended. Let’s talk about technical details and features of the device.

Letstrack Prima Car GPS Specifications

  • Connectivity: GSM 900/1800 or 850/1900 (MHz)
  • Size: 90 X 13.6 X 45 (mm)
  • Operational Temperature: -30 ~ 70 (Celsius)
  • Price: Rs. 7,499
  • Plans: One year extra – Rs. 1,200, 2 year extra – Rs. 2,200, 3 year extra – Rs. 3,000 and 4 year extra Rs. 3,750.


Connectivity: You don’t need to worry about when in remote areas with a very unstable network. Because Letstrack works perfectly with its GSM frequency bands of 850/900 to 1800/1900 MHz.

Tracking: You can add unlimited devices to your app and manage the fleet from the single app. You can also track any vehicle like cars, vans or trucks across the globe. It also provides the real-time view of the fleet operations and movement.

Engine Cut: Letstrack Prima series has a feature which everyone will love and is the most important feature, Engine Cut. If you see that your vehicle is moving without your permission then you can control your car and make it stop moving using the engine cut feature. This feature protects the car from theft and all this happens with a single tap on the app.

Real-Time Tracking: You can track your family car, friends car and even employees car using the real-time tracking feature. You can track the exact location of the vehicle in real time directly from your app.

24 Hour History: The Letstrack Prima app comes with a feature called History. Here you can have an eye of the vehicle location for the whole last 24 hours activity.

AC Alarm: You will get the notification on the app whenever the AC of the vehicle is switched on or off. This feature is useful for parents who hire drivers to pick up and drop their children to schools.

Device Disconnect: Even if the car thief disconnects the device from the car before stealing it away. The device sends a notification to the app using the built-in battery so you can act fast.

Recover Offline GPS Data: If the device won’t find the GPS any time, it automatically stores the data inside the device and sends the information to the app whenever it gets the connection back.

One Year Warranty: The device comes with one year warranty and it is recommended that the device should be fitted by one of the Letstrack trained fitters for maximum reliability.

How To Use

When you buy a Letstrack device, an engineer from the company will come to your place to install the device in your car and app on your smartphone. Installing Prima requires technical assistance, so in that case, you yourself cannot install it in your car. The device works with almost all the car model currently in the production or running on the roads.

Also, the device comes with a subscription-based model where you can recharge it on YOY basis. The yearly plans start at Rs. 1200 for one year after using the device for the first year.

Big Question – Do you need one?

In the end, all I can say is that if you care about your car, you are having a driver, or need to give your vehicle to the third person on a regular basis, GET PRIMA! YES, get it if you care!

I cannot express the feeling of relief I have after getting Prima installed in the car as whenever my family travels without me, I can track them in real-time and it gives me an utter feeling of satisfaction that all is well. Letstrack devices are available both online and offline to buy!


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