Lenovo shows off Bendable smartphone and tablet prototypes at Tech World Conference

The recently held Lenovo Tech World on June 9 caught hold the attention of everyone at the conference. What surprised everyone was the foldable tablet and a working bendable phone bracelet that has been surfacing online from the past few years.

The bendable phone bracelet prototype is a C+ (C Plus) smartphone or wearable hybrid, which can be used in two different ways. Even though it sounds very fascinating but Moxi has already launched a black and white phone in the market that can turn into a watch. Apparently, there are reports of Samsung also releasing a foldable smartphone in the coming time.

But what makes the prototype unique is that once fully extended, it’s a proper smartphone along with a tall screen. The bendable wrist phone is not only convenient but because of the bendy material along the back it can turn into an enormous bracelet around the wrist. The back of the phone has hinges, which look like silver stripes device.


YouTube star Meghan McCarthy demoed the prototype, bending it around her wrist. That wasn’t all; the next device she showcased was a prototype tablet called Lenovo Folio, which can be easily folded into two, but rather than folding like a book it folds out giving the users two displays one in the front and one at the back. Lenovo called it a phablet with a complete earpiece on one side, and on the other side, it has a back camera.

Lenovo Folio is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy X that will reportedly have a bendable or foldable display. But what makes Samsung X different from Lenovo Folio is that the former has a separate screen on the outside unlike folding the tablet screen within. The Galaxy X will be launched in 2017.

As of now, Lenovo has only released a functional prototype of C+ and Folio, without mentioning its launch date. But its looks like the future of multi-purpose smart gadgets is very much near.