Lenovo launches Phab2 Pro Tango smartphone alongside modular Moto Z

Lenovo held its second annual technology conference on June 9th which took place in San Francisco. The company’s Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing announced Lenovo’s newest devices, the Google Tango-enabled Phab2 Pro, Phab2 Plus, Phab2 and the modular Moto Z and X Force. Here are the details on the releases:

Lenovo Phab2 Pro

At the top of the Phab2 line-up is the Phab2 Pro. It is the first device to come equipped with Project Tango. The technology allows a user to map their surroundings as well as their dimensions in VR. The Phab2 Pro uses a total of four cameras, three of which are depth-sensing smart cams.

The phablet comes powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, that is paired with 4GB of RAM. Processes on the new phablet are supported by 4GB RAM and the device offers 64GB of internal storage memory.

When made available in September, it will run on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and feature a 16MP shooter at the rear with auto-focus, HDR, panorama, and phase detection along with an 8MP lens on the front. The device is expected to be made available for a price of $499.

Lenovo Phab2 Plus

With the same screen size, the mid-range Phab2 Plus comes with a lower pixel density of 1080p. The processor is slightly bumped up with a MediaTek 8783 chip that is powered by 3GB of RAM and the device offers the storage option of 32GB which is expandable externally. Instead of one single lens like the Phab2, the Phab2 Plus sports a dual-camera set-up at the back so a user is able to re-focus after taking images or change backgrounds on an image already taken. The Phab2 Plus is expected to be made available globally this coming September for a price of approximately $299.

Lenovo Phab2

Like the Phab2 Pro, the Phab2 also comes along with a 6.4” display screen, but with a lower resolution IPS touchscreen with a pixel density of 720p. The device is powered by a quad-core MediaTek 8735 chipset that is backed with 3GB of RAM. The phablet offers 32GB of internal storage memory, which is expandable externally microSD card. The Phab2 also comes with a 13MP rear shooter for videos and photographs. It is expected to hit stores Worldwide this September for a price of $199.

Moto Z/Moto Z Force

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force are the newest additions to the company’s existing flagship and come with modular compatibility for additional utility. The 16 pogo pins at the rear bottom snap-on magnetically to backpacks or covers, that turn the phone into a project, add a backup battery as well as turn up the volume with a JBL speaker cover. Unlike the LG G5, the battery need not be removed to swap modules, just the cover that acts as one.

The Moto Z comes with 5.5” AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM. You can choose between 32GB or 64GB of internal memory which is expandable externally.  It houses a 13MP lens with OIS at the rear. The device additionally includes a fingerprint scanner on the front face of the phone under the display. The Moto Z has also ditched the traditional 3.5mm jack like most competitors are seen doing lately and uses a USB Type-C port instead.

The Moto Z Force comes with similar specifications, apart from the fact that the camera is 21MP and that the device features a plastic shatter-proof screen instead of Gorilla Glass. The Moto Z Force will only be made available in the US while the Moto Z will go on sale in markets around the World. Prices for the two devices have not yet been disclosed by Lenovo.

Meanwhile, there is no information about their availability in India. We will update you shortly as soon as Lenovo makes an announcement.

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