LEGO Fortnite Bounces into v28.10: Launch Pads Take Players to New Heights

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Get ready to blast off, builders! The latest update for LEGO® Fortnite, v28.10, has arrived, bringing with it a game-changing addition: Launch Pads! No longer confined to the limitations of staircases, players can now propel themselves skyward and across vast distances with this exciting new building element.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch Pads: The star of the show, Launch Pads provide a thrilling way to navigate the LEGO® Fortnite world. Simply place one on the ground, jump on, and deploy your glider to soar through the air.
  • Dynamic Foundations: Combine Launch Pads with Dynamic Foundations for an extra dose of aerial acrobatics. Build ramps, curves, and even loops for gravity-defying glider stunts.
  • Improved Building and Customization: The update comes with several quality-of-life improvements for builders. Small obstacles like rocks and shrubs are automatically cleared when placing structures. Building on slopes is now more secure, and a wider variety of floor, wall, and roof pieces offer even more creative freedom.
  • Villager Additions: The ever-expanding roster of Villagers welcomes three new faces: The Bush Ranger, Cowgirl, and Tomatohead can now join your in-game adventures.
  • Instant Village Removal: Need to relocate your Village? No problem! v28.10 introduces the “Delete Village” option in the Village Square, making it easier than ever to start fresh.

C5S1 Key Art EN

Launch Pads: A Game Changer for Exploration and Combat

The addition of Launch Pads opens up a wealth of new possibilities for LEGO® Fortnite players. Exploring vast landscapes becomes a breeze, allowing you to quickly reach distant points of interest. In combat situations, Launch Pads can offer strategic advantages, enabling surprise attacks and tactical redeployments. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a newcomer, Launch Pads add a fun and dynamic element to the gameplay experience.

Beyond Launch Pads: Quality-of-Life Improvements

v28.10 goes beyond just the headline feature. The update includes several improvements designed to enhance the overall building and customization experience. The ability to abandon unfinished structures and the increased accuracy of the placement mode streamline the building process. Additionally, the wider variety of building pieces allows for even more creative and personalized creations.

New Villagers and Instant Village Removal: A Touch of Personality and Convenience

The introduction of three new Villagers adds a touch of personality to the LEGO® Fortnite world. Whether you prefer the rugged charm of the Bush Ranger, the adventurous spirit of the Cowgirl, or the iconic silliness of the Tomatohead, there’s a new friend to join your in-game crew. And for those who like to keep things fresh, the instant Village removal option makes relocating your base camp a breeze.

LEGO® Fortnite v28.10 is a significant update that injects a healthy dose of fun and functionality into the game. The addition of Launch Pads opens up exciting new gameplay possibilities, while the quality-of-life improvements and new Villagers enhance the overall experience. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a casual player, v28.10 is sure to take your LEGO® Fortnite adventures to new heights (and distances)!

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