The e-commerce business is a well-known sector. Today, every company needs a website or store for steady business growth. In this way, it is possible to reach a wider audience and provide increased sales. However, site creation is just the beginning. The next step is marketing. Today we are going to witness some of the most prominent examples of successful development of the e-commerce business. There are many popular brands with e-commerce marketing platforms, which can be a good example for all e-commerce business owners.

ASOS. It is a fashion brand, used to promote its customers. He organized an expedition, in which he asked users who posted their photos on Instagram with the #AsSeenOnMe hashtag. Subsequently, these images were sent to the ASOS website. In this way, they received tremendous customer engagement and strong response. For the campaign, ASOS created a separate account. The campaign is still running today and people are posting their photos. The result is that the client wants to be seen and heard. In addition, their own content can attract new users.

The REI brand offers outdoor recreational gear. One of the Black Friday brands did a wonderful job. They closed the shop and called everyone to go out. As part of their campaign, they set up Search Engine, which lets users find others with their #Outout experiences. As a result, other brands joined in. The result is that people like something interesting and unexpected. They prefer to buy a lifestyle rather than just a product.

Glossier. You should understand that if you want people to buy your product, it is important to remind you. The cosmetic company is known for its wide application of pink. This way, many users create photos and post with a #glossierpink hashtag if they see color in any item. And they share the brand they post. In this way, they create different associations promoting their brand.

Zappos. It is an important company in the shoe business. They offer great opportunities, which attract consumers. For example, the brand offers a 365-day guarantee. During this period, clients can return their money if something goes wrong. In addition, shipping is absolutely free (same for return shipping). Such a policy is very appealing to any user. Also, this is a good strategy when dealing with a large number of competitors. As a result, we can learn that good customer service is a valuable issue for customer care promotion and promotion.

Beard brand. The brand offers men’s products. When they started their business, there were many similar campaigns. That’s why they were looking for something unusual. In this way, they create a story about their brand, which is about “urban bearded”. He then promoted it to promote the brand wherever possible. In addition, they were able to focus on their target audience and make them a part of the brand. The campaign included great videos, PR releases, and more. This brand was also mentioned in several major publications. He still has a blog, where he posts interesting content.

Dollar Shave Club. You must understand that engagement is the key to your success. The biggest thing you can get from users is their response, which can be in the form of likes, comments, posts, subscriptions and more. The brand under consideration uses interesting educational content to attract the attention of consumers. It is not only helpful but also funny and enjoyable. Interesting facts and lessons entice consumers. He also ran various polls with the # DSCdebates hashtag, which also provokes impressive reactions. In this way, the educational content makes people interesting and they keep coming back.

Everlane. is sometimes an excellent marketing strategy to showcase the product creation process (or whatever is behind the scenes). People love juicy details about anything. The aforementioned brand emphasizes its transparency with a strategy that reflects the production and sales process. Opening up such information and using social networks, they were able to humanize their brand.