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Lavna: Making smart locks a necessity for the Indian household 

Lavna was founded in 2021 by Vishal Jain and Sanat Jain and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company was founded after the founders realised how inconvenient it was to carry physical keys. They believed that the difficulties families face in managing doors at odd hours and carrying a key were a concerning problem that they could solve. The founders came across smart locks that offered great convenience that was accessible with a tap. As a result, they decided to offer a comprehensive collection of fingerprint digital door locks. The vision behind the launch of the smart lock range was to combine security with technology that makes the customer’s life easier and more convenient.

Lavna focuses primarily on two aspects, convenient living by offering feature-rich locks. The other is providing safety by offering superior quality locks. They are also committed to assisting all of their customers at every stage. They provide the best professional customer service. Currently, they are available in 21 major states.

“A common misconception is that lock batteries would get drained, and people would get stuck. But the lock offering feature of the external power port, connecting to a power bank, will make the lock work again. Another misconception is that if the lock stops working, people will get stuck, but the lock offers a mechanical key that works in every situation. We have a fast installation service available. We also have a comprehensive step-by-step video installation for carpenters to install easily”, says the Founder of Lavna, Vishal Jain. 

Their main motivation for launching Lavna was to provide a trustworthy product that ensures customers’ residential and commercial safety. The company has been rapidly expanding and expects to achieve 300% sales growth in the near future.