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Lark digital collaboration suite for home offices and virtual schools launched in India for free

Lark Technologies, a Singapore-based technology firm has made available its digital collaboration suite, Lark in India. The company also announced the Lark would be available completely for free in the country.

The timing of the launch couldn’t have been better what with the majority of the work force in the country running home offices. That makes Lark extremely relevant in the current scenario given the several useful work tools that it offers, all in a single platform. Those include Messenger, Online Docs and Sheets, Cloud Storage, Calendar, and Video Conferencing.

This in turn will save you from having each of the different apps open to pursue with your work. Not only does it make your workplace a lot less cluttered, you won’t have to juggle between each app to collaborate and communicate. All of this ensures seamless flow of work even if you are not at your usual workplace or removed far from your co-workers.

Apart from business, the Lark can be relevant for the education domain as well. The company has in fact also announced the Lark would be made available for free to schools and colleges in India. This will help bridge the gap between teachers and students across the country. This will ensure classes can resume and continue till the time the country wide lock down is in place.

The Lark has also been recognised by the UNESCO for the manner the software suite can help run virtual schools while the world grapples with the coronavirus menace at the moment. This will ensure students are able to carry on with their studies even if there is a lock down or some sort of disruption implemented in most parts of the world.

Lark coming free does not mean there are compromises to be made. For the version will let you make unlimited video calls coupled with advanced screen sharing feature as well as 200 GB of cloud storage. These apart, you also get online collaborative docs and sheets, a smart calendar, and a powerful messenger. There is the option for unlimited third-party app integrations as well along with attendance/approval workflows which again can be customised to suit varied needs.

What further adds impetus to Lark’s virtual collaboration feature is its ability to support live streaming. This way, you can live stream any event or proceeding to any number of people anywhere in the world. This will allow for organising of virtual gatherings such as a company executive delivering a speech to their workers or a teacher delivering a lecture. Attendees will be able to keep up with the developments via their own device from their home offices.