New Delhi – For the last two years The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is also referred to as the ‘Big Bang’ LHC has been down for purposes of upgrades, maintenance, and consolidation. There has been a recent delay that was caused by a short-circuit.

The good news is that, after all, that which has happened, the Collider is ready to take up its operations again, firing proton beams around its 27-kilometer track. The repairs were expected to take longer, but this did not happen. However, they were tiresome because the parts that were being repaired operate at temperatures that are almost near absolute zero. This means that the device had to be thawed slowly and then refrozen before it could be set in a way to begin its operations.

This is being seen as a new journey for the device into discovering dark matter. The Large Hadron Collider is now much stronger with laser beams that are capable of doubling the energy of the LHC’s earlier rounds of collision. Using 13 TeV of energy, the supercollider will be crashing protons against protons.

Apart from the high energy beams and voltages, there are also magnetic connections that scientists consolidated together to make room for magnetic projection systems. This was inclusive of an overall examination of the wiring of the underground tunnel. The four major detectors and multiple magnets of the collider were also checked out to ascertain that all was well.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) restarts its operations after shutting down for two years

The collider is now expected to search the ‘dark matter.’ Though according to the scientists the results of the first collisions may take a month or so, they remain optimist that the run of discovering dark matter will be good enough. ‘Dark matter’ is the invisible material that takes up more than 25 percent of the universe.

Another important milestone of achievements will be the discovery of the hidden extra dimensions that are expected to explain why gravity is weaker compared to other forces of nature. Another explanation will be why the world around us is not made of anti-matter.