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Lapcare launches LHP-400 multimedia playback headset starting at 1299

Lapcare, a leading national consumer electronics brand, announces the launch of its new multimedia wired LHP-400 multimedia headset with mic pan India. With this, Lapcare promises a sublime immersive experience via advanced stereo channels and active noise cancellation.  

Ideal for both work and recreation, LHP-400 headsets are fairly lightweight with an over-ear design, weighing just 190 grams. Traditionally, over-ear headphones have been heavy and bulky due to their large cushions and weighty equipment, and they were not only inconvenient but also heavy on the head. However, the new-age ABS material makes Lapcare’s headsets much lighter, and ideal for lengthy usage. The ergonomic design of the headset comes with features such as an adjustable and foldable band, and a movable microphone, among many others.

Lapcare’s Managing Director, Atul Gupta, explained “With LHP-400, we aim at making wearable tech more user-friendly. While designing we kept in mind that there are many who use headphones due to ear infections and cannot have music fuzzing directly in their ear canal. Moreover, the purpose of headphones is defeated when there is sound leakage, especially when you are in a place like a library. LHP-400 offers the comfort of over-ear headphones coupled with the convenience of technology that prevents sound leakage. Moreover, the 40mm wire allows the users to even play on a PlayStation while using the headset.”

LHP-400 multimedia headset with mic comes with active noise cancellation which enhances the sound quality of the stereo channel while ensuring that users do not experience a headache due to the heaviness. People often use headphones to enjoy and calm themselves through music, podcasts, or audiobooks. For such users, the LHP-400 headset can be a game-changer, as with a lightweight noise canceling design they can listen to music at a healthy level and still have an ethereal experience, while the movable microphone and light built will ensure comfort for hours. The best part is that this stylish headset is easy on pockets and hence affordable for everyone.

Quick Specification: Lapcare Multimedia Headset LHP-400:-

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Over the ear
  • Material:- ABS
  • Driver Size:- 40mm
  • Microphone Size:-9x7mm
  • Frequency:-20Hz-20KHz
  • Cable Length:-1.8meters
  • Port:-USB A Plug,3.5 mm Audio Jack
  • Weight- 190 grams