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Kodak Smart HD LED TV series unveiled in India starting at Rs. 13,500

Kodak’s Smart HD LED TV with internet connectivity, and Wi-Fi capabilities are now available in India. Kodak Smart HD LED TVs line-up has three models for sale- Kodak 32-inch TV, Kodak 40-inch TV, Kodak 50-inch TV. Kodak has partnered with the Noida-based company Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd and has five new TV’s in its HD LED TV series with a base price of Rs. 13,500. The devices will be up for sale on the major e-commerce platforms including Shop Clues, Flipkart, and Amazon. The 32-inch inch TV series will be available exclusively on Shop Clues. Consumers can buy Kodak TV series from 15 August. Steven Overman, President of Kodak’s Consumer and Film Division, said that his company is very happy to partner SPPL in the expanding market for TV sets in India. Kodak has long been associated with the entertainment industry in India and around the world. It will be looking forward to providing better and useful Kodak branded products.

Kodak HD LED TVs and Specs

Coming to the features, the Kodak 32-inch HD X900S features 250 Nits panel along with inbuilt games and Samsung panel. The device is compatible with USB to USB copying. The HD XSMART boasts a glass cabinet along with 4GB flash storage and 512 MB memory. Kodak 40 features the 300 Nits Samsung panel and inbuilt games. Kodak 40 FHDXSMART model has 300 Nits Samsung panel, 4GB flash storage, 512MB memory and compatible with USB to USB copying. KODAK 50FHDXSMART has identical features as 40 FHDXSMART except that it has a bigger screen size at 50-inches.

The HD TV Series is truly space age with intelligent features like Progressive Scan, YPrPb resolution, and a wide 178X178 viewing angle. Coming to connectivity, the TV Series supports USB, VGA ports, and HDMI. Other connectivity options are also available. The Smart TV is based on the Android 4.4 platform and is backed by ARM Cortex A7.

The Kodak HD LED TV aims to endear and carve a niche in the Indian market with its superior products and very competitive prices. SPPL can take advantage of the global experience and knowledge of Kodak. The Television Content is undergoing a transformation phase powered by the young generation of the nation which is looking for products and services which will match its values and aspirations.

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