For those of you who do not know what Oobleck is, it is a Non-Newtonian fluid which acts partially as a solid and partially as a liquid. Ooblecks also act like a solid upon receiving an impact. A short video on YouTube demonstrates how strong Oobleck can be. A 6 min  16 sec. video uploaded on the channel TheBackyardScientist shows various durability tests being demonstrated on Oobleck including a bullet shot and a golf ball cannon shot.

First test that the Oobleck had to go through was facing a chainsaw. Oobleck filled in a balloon was cut using a chainsaw to which it acted as a solid. Next was the bullet test, oobleck filled in a balloon was exposed to gun shot and then a balloon filled with oobleck was a shot from a golf ball canon. Watch for the part when a balloon filled with oobleck is blown from the inside using a firecracker. Here’s the video, check it out.