All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite now available at discounted price of Rs. 8,999 on Amazon India

The All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with a 6-inch high-resolution display with built-in light and 4GB internal storage is now available to buy at a discounted price of Rs. 8,999 exclusively on Amazon India. Hence, you will be able to avail Rs. 2,000 discount on the original market price.

With a display pixel density of 300ppi and Wi-Fi support, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite features an adjustable light using which you can read content in both day and night.


With no screen glare even in extreme lighting conditions such as bright sunlight, the latest version of Kindle Paperwhite comes with a Bookerly font to provide a real reading experience as if you are reading Printed page from a Paperback.

With the built-in front light guiding towards the surface of the display, you will be able to read content without eye strain. Moreover, you will be able to adjust the brightness of the screen to adapt to any lighting conditions.

Powered by a large battery, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a capability to work up to six weeks on a single charge provided you use the device half an hour per day with the light value set to ten.

With a total weight of fewer than 200 grams and a thickness of 9mm, the Kindle Paperwhite is very comfortable to hold in one hand, unlike bulky tablets. Moreover, there will be no distractions during reading because of non-availability of e-mail alerts and notifications.

With a support of over 30,000 free e-books and 2 million paid e-books, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite includes improved character spacing in addition to hyphenation, justification, kerning, ligatures, drop-cap, translations, auto wake, sleep, and Goodreads support.

Integrated with Smart Lookup feature, you will be able to access full dictionary including definitions, characters and settings directly via X-Ray and Wikipedia.

In addition to the new margin notes feature, you will be able to share highlighted sections and meaningful quotes on Facebook and Twitter.


Capable of holding over thousands of books with 4GB storage, you will also be eligible for free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

If you love reading without any glare or distractions, you should take this golden opportunity to grab a copy of All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite at Rs. 8,999.