Kids Story Builder, a new storytelling app published by Microsoft Devices

Microsoft Devices have come up with an application that would keep the inventiveness remainder of your kid at a record-breaking high. The new application, known as Kids Story Builder, which is published by Microsoft helps children make their own particular energizing and customized stories using photographs and voices.

One system that is incredible for a chuckle is making use of the webcam on your gadget to get the visuals and afterward let their creative energy run wild whilst recording their understanding of the picture with the amplifier. Just sort up what was discussed and playback the story for rehashed giggles.

In the event that you need to share these creations to your companions or family, you can export them to OneDrive in a native format, which is perfect with matching Windows 8 application, or as a PowerPoint Slideshow and afterward share everything you need.

Features of Kids Story Builder

  • Add, edit, remove, print and export custom stories
  • Two sample stories provided
  • Share your stories by exporting in native format or as a PowerPoint Slideshow
  • Audio recording and playback
  • Full backup and restore options

In case of requirement for removal of a limit of three custom stories and thirty pages, a small in-app purchase is mandatory.