Chip Chip

Kickstarter funded $9 CHIP computer to break all barriers of incredibly cheap

Next Thing Co. has released a new project on Kickstarter of an incredibly cheap computer titled as C.H.I.P.

The project aims to produce computing device at only $9. CHIP will offer the functionality of a full-fledged computer running on open Linux.

The Project has gone Live on Kickstarter on 7th May and has been able to mop up 10 times its target funds.

Designed on the Open Source the project aims to bring prices of computing to a bare minimum.

CHIP is powered by ARM-based 1 GHz processor from Allwinner Technologies, 512 GB DDR3 RAM and a 4 GB Storage.

All of this house on a small PCB. CHIP can be connected to other devices over Bluetooth or Wi/fi.

The keyboard and mouse are to be attached wirelessly to the device. CHIP boasts of connectivity to any screen possible through an HDMI or a VGA connector.

The connectors need to be bought separately though and are reasonably priced at $15 and $10 respectively.

CHIP can find use in a multitude of application. It can be used for simple word processing on Libre office or it can be used for surfing on web.

CHIP has been pre-loaded with a programming language called Scratch which can be used to learn programming and testing.

CHIP can play some basic games as well and it can be connected to musical devices or other devices to enhance volume or other features. CHIP has been pre-loaded with a number of free apps.

The founders have shot a home video explaining the CHIP to attract investors on Kickstarter.

Next Thing is also making another knockoff of CHIP. They have connected a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard to the shell to make a 4.3-inch touchscreen CHIP dubbed as Pocket CHIP.

Pocket CHIP runs on a small battery which can keep it running for five hours. Pocket CHIP is priced at $49.

CHIP is still in funding stage and the founders have been able to mop up more than $450,000 in 3 days against their actual target of $50,000.

CHIP would be out on markets only by the end of this year for backers for the rest of the general public it would be out in the market only next year.

CHIP could find use in multiple inexpensive solutions in the future. It could be a device which can find use in smart home devices, surveillance devices for computing, automotive industry and the possibilities are endless.