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Kickass Torrents (KAT) mirror is back as Kat.am, magnet links working

Kickass torrrents

KickassTorrents, which was shut down recently, is back again (mirror) in its old format. As of writing this, only magnet links are working. According to reports, the new site is managed by spammers. Even though the popular torrent site is back in partial glory, the old domain name is not restored. Instead, you need to navigate to http://kickass.cd/full/, where you will find the complete listing of all the magnet links. However, you will not be able to download any stuff from the site unless you sign up. You should also provide a credit card, which shows that the new mirror site is a scam.

According to Torrent Freak, scammers have picked up the domain name and are asking people to register on the site with a valid credit card to access the torrents. We would suggest you to refrain from providing any financial data because all your details like card number and CVC would be stolen during the process.

It seems that someone has accessed all the files from the original server, where the KickassTorrents was originally hosted. The files were uploaded under a new directory named “full” on the domain “kickass.cd”. If you select a title, you will be taken to a new page which displays the complete description along with the download torrent button. However, if you select the button, you will be redirected to itorrents.org, which displays an error message.

Even though a layer of KickassTorrents was partially restored on another domain, the internal pages cannot be accessed. Moreover, the forum posts date back to July 20, which is just a day after the owner Artem Vaulim was arrested in Poland.

Vaulim, who is the owner and founder of KickassTorrents was arrested last month on various charges of copyright infringement, money laundering, and other violations. The site was shut down by the US law enforcement agencies. This had forced torrent lovers to depend on other similar alternatives such as The Pirate Bay and Extra Torrentz.

Evolution of KickassTorrents mirror sites

After the closure of KAT, several mirrors sites such as Kat.am, KickassTorrents.website, kickass.cd, kickass.mx and kickass.la came into existence. However, all these sites were forced to shut down after a legal notice was served by Motion Picture Association.

As of writing this, sites such as Kat.am and Kickass.cd are restored. Meanwhile, Kickass.cd has a wide range of torrents and is dubbed to keep the brand identity of the torrent site as such. After serving a suspension for few days, Kat.am is back again with the domain registrar allowing the registration.

We accessed Kat.am and found that the user interface looks almost similar to that of Kickass.cd. However, the files and forum threads date back to 23 days back.

Without accessing the complete files from the previous server, a site cannot be restored in the current manner. We expect that this could be a handiwork of a former Kickasstorrent staff member, who had copied all the files while he was working.

History of torrent sites

All is not well for torrents. In 2015, the founders of The Pirate Bay were arrested on charges of copyright violations. However, several mirror sites kept the brand intact with support from users.

We will wait and watch how law enforcement agencies respond to the latest developments.

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