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Kickass Torrents rise from the dead, thanks to ex-staff members

KickAssTorrents alternatives

Kickass Torrents, which was closed due to series of raids and arrest of the owner, has reportedly started to work again under a new domain name – katcr.co/new. According to a report published on TorrentFreak, the original staff members of Kickass Torrents have refreshed the old site to a brand new domain name. Moreover, they have retained the old content and materials as such.

After Kickass Torrents shut down, several team members joined together and launched a global community forum under the domain katcr.co. They hinted at a possible comeback in the near future. However, we managed to access the site after several repeated attempts.

New Kickass Torrents under construction

Upon inspection, we can infer that the new website is under construction. You can identify it from the search box. The site shows a message stating that server loads have been affected. However, they revealed that there are few more problems but declined to reveal them.

In a statement, a spokesperson of Kickass Torrents said that they are working to fix pending problems at the earliest. However, he said that they are not going anywhere. He added that it’s the cowards who choose the shadows to perform their own acts.

Meanwhile, the website also pinned a YouTube video which showcases Rick Astley’s famous track Never Gonna Give You Up. This means that you never give up and never let you down. The essence of this message is that Kickass Torrents is here to stay for a long time. You can access the video directly from the home page.

If you recall, Kickass Torrents was shut down after the founder Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland. The domain name was seized by the US Justice Department. Even though the main website doesn’t exist, several clones continue to erupt across the web. Hence, law enforcement officials are finding it difficult to contain the spread of Kickass Torrents.

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