Kent Alps Air Purifier Review – It gets the job done!

Kent Alps Air Purifier

The air in India is getting polluted day by day, especially in the Delhi NCR region and it is expected that the quality of the air will degrade to a higher level. People are advised to wear pollution masks before leaving the house. The pollution is now started to choke us even inside our home, and it is very important to keep our house air cleaner, and that’s where Kent steps in. Kent released Alps Home Air Purifier series to make the air in the house clean and bacteria free. The Kent Alps Air Purifier not just purifies the air but also make it healthy by removing the bacterias and viruses from the air. Here we have the Kent Alps Air Purifier and let’s check out all about this device and should you buy it for your home.


Kent Alps Air Purifier

The Kent Alps Air Purifier has a very slim design and is very stylish; it blends in perfectly with the interiors. The air purifier has all the buttons at the top of the device to operate the purifier. The front panel is removable and has the slot where the filters fit, Kent Alps Air Purifier comes with two screens already installed inside.

Features and Specifications

Kent Alps Air Purifier has an Effective Room Area of up to 430 sq,-ft and stays quite (mostly); it makes <= 54 dB noise. The Clean Air Delivery Rate is 400 m^3/hr and consume very less power, as low as 55 watts.

The air purifier comes with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter technology from Japan to clean even smaller particles. The HEPA filter also has an Anti-Bacterial coating which removes the bacteria from the air and makes the air healthy as well.

Kent Alps Air Purifier

Kent Alps Air Purifier has a high purifying capacity and purifies the air in the room quickly, and is suitable for a room size up to 430 sqft. The carbon filters also remove the odors from the air and make the air perfectly breathable.

Kent Alps Air Purifier

The Kent Alps Air Purifier comes with a built-in Ionizer which improves the freshness of the air inside our homes. It also intelligently monitors the quality of the air, and it monitors the quality of the filters. The purifier automatically detects when the screen needs to be changed indicates on the top panel.

Kent Alps Air Purifier

The Kent Air Purifier is very easy to use, you just have to connect it to the wall socket and press the power button. The Kent Alps Air Purifier has a Child lock feature and makes it safe for kids and to keep. Overall the Kent Air Purifier is a perfect device for you if you are looking for a powerful air purifier.

Wrapping up

Kent Alps Air Purifier is the best options if you are already in the market looking for an air purifier for your house. It filters out everything from the air and provides you the healthiest environment in minutes. It also got the HEPA filter which clears out the smallest impurity from the Air. The Kent Alps Air Purifier is available to buy with a price tag of Rs, 21,990 on any online store.

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