Keepvid Pro Review: Video downloader to download YouTube videos

keepvid pro

Keepvid was the first website that I used to download videos from YouTube. Keepvid is the fastest website to download videos with one click, there were/are certain other websites, but there are lots of ads and pop ups which makes it annoying to download YouTube videos from those websites.

Recently Keepvid revamped the website and added a clearer and neat design to the website. Also released a new Windows application to download videos from Youtube and more websites like Vevo and Vimeo. Keepvid Pro can download any videos; you can also rip out audio only from these videos.


Website Support

Keepvid Pro supports almost all websites which you can think of or been on before. It also supports all video formats including fla and SWF (Flash formats). Vevo videos are not easily downloadable from YouTube, but you can download it from the official Vevo website as Keepvid supports it.

One special feature that Keepvid Pro offers is the Batch Download feature, you can download the entire channel or playlist with a single click of your mouse. Keepvid Pro download videos 3X faster than other YouTuve video download software and websites.

Built-in converter

Keepvid Pro comes with built-in video converter to convert your videos right after downloading them. Keepvid Pro can convert videos to more than 150 formats for iPhones, Android phones and more various multimedia devices. You can download the audio files directly without ripping out the audio after downloading the full video. The audio quality is best because Keepvid Pro downloads high bitrate audio from the YouTube videos. 

Built-in Browser

Keepvid Pro comes with a built-in browser to browse YouTube and download from the website directly. The browser has multi-tab support so you can browse multiple websites and download video from there.

Video Recorder

Even with Keepvid Pro, if you are unable to download videos from any website (well, it’s almost impossible), you can record it with the video recorder. Just Click the Record Video button, resize the frame and click record. You can record anything on your screen using this recorder, you can make guides and tutorials using it.

It will record the video which is playing on your screen. The built-in video recorder record videos in m4a, but you can convert it later using the built-in converter.

Ease of Use

Downloading videos using Keepvid Pro is easy and straightforward. Now you don’t need to copy and paste video URLs anymore.

  • Launch Keepvid Pro from the Start menu or Applications.
  • Switch to Online Video tab and open any website from the bookmarks.
  • Play any video from the list and click the Download button.
  • Select the video quality on the list and the video will be queued up in the download list.

After downloading, you can convert the videos or rip the audio part easily using the converter. You can then transfer the videos to your phone wirelessly using the Keepvid Pro.


Keepvid Pro is available for free to try out with fewer features, for more features you have to purchase the license for $19 (one year and one PC). If you still don’t want to buy it then is free to use but you won’t get Pro features in free.


Keepvid Pro is the best app to download videos directly from the website. The browser support and full playlist download is the best feature of this application. The Keepvid Pro is also available for Mac users. For mac users, it comes with iTunes library sync feature which is very useful for iPhone users.

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