Keep your chats in check with WhatsApp

Over 2 billion people worldwide now use WhatsApp every day to connect with friends, family and businesses, collectively sending more than 100 billion messages to each other every day.

To help manage your messages, and ensure you have the privacy you need, when you need it, WhatsApp has several features to give you greater control over your conversations. From silently leaving the groups you no longer need, or muting your mates when you need some downtime, find the top features WhatsApp recommends for keeping your chats in check.

  1. Silently Leaving Groups: You can now exit a group chat privately without having to notify everyone, meaning that if you’ve been added to another party planning chat, you can silently leave without causing offense.
  2. Archiving Chats: This allows you to declutter your ‘chats’ screen and remove conversations without permanently deleting them. Perfect for when you need a little time-out and of course, you can always bring them back.
  3. Turning off Read Receipts: This means your contacts can no longer see when you’ve viewed their message, helping relieve the pressure to reply. But keep in mind by turning off read receipts, you also won’t be able to see if they have read your messages in return.
  4. Hiding Online Status: Tor the times you want to keep your online presence a secret, but still crack on with replying to urgent messages, WhatsApp allows you to select who can and can’t see when you’re online.
  5. Muting chats: Take control over your notifications by muting both individual and group chats. WhatsApp even allows you to choose how long to mute a chat for: 8 hours, 1 week or always.
  6. Turn off ‘Save to Camera Roll’: Save your precious camera roll space by toggling off the ability to automatically save the photos and videos you receive to your phone. Now your family’s vacation pictures will stay in your chat, rather than your personal picture gallery.         

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