Karbonn announces its ambitions to focus towards in 2014

Karbonn mobiles, India’s leading mobile manufacturers, working towards creating the predefined horizons for the year 2014. With these goals, Karbonn is aiming to reach out to the hands of huge number of Indian consumers. Company has already started working towards the top technology trends booming nowadays, in order to bring some innovative changes in the smart device industry in India.

Speaking at the recent event, which took place in New Delhi, Shashin Devsare, Executive Director, Karbonn, had this to say:

“It will be the perfect blend of technology and consumer orientation that will take us to the next leap of our mission of massifying smart devices in India. The net positive estimates for the Indian mobile market is encouraging Karbonn to focus heavily on the Indian mobile market with its retinue of customer-centric products & services, and by a more streamlined and consumer-oriented Karbonn ‘Smart’ mobile eco-system. The year 2014 is ready to witness the greatest of smart device tech trends and will ensure the evolution and growth of a great Mobile Ecosystem in 2014.”

The year 2014 is going to be a new evolution of the app Ecosystem, right from the products and services, which include movies, e-books, download, Live TV, apps with improved location targeting. These “smart” changes will definitely have a huge impact on the smart device communication as well.

In 2014, Mobile internet users in the country might grow up to 200 million. This will create a huge demand across the users in India to experience the innovative and affordable communication solutions.

In addition to these goals, company looking is forward to touch the new benchmarks in the upcoming year including smartphone as an identification module, better Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity, processing capabilities, wearable & flexible technology and operating system etc.


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