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Jugaadians of the Galaxy – Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Alright, any Indian across the world will proudly admit to having saved the day by devising a makeshift arrangement. Anyone who hasn’t done it, is not a complete citizen of this god-religion-politics-cricket-bollywood-salman khan-wedding loving/fearing nation.

So, on the eve of nothing, we bring to you some of the best jugaad arrangements done by Indians.

P.S. if you think you should be proud of your ‘jugaads’ in the past, think twice, because what you’re about to see is going to blow your mind!

Hopefully ‘Jan’ is not screwing, like you are! Oooh I said it!

Know what I mean!

We even have choices in jugaad…

Mom’s puja thaali driving us all the way, since board exams!

Oh no.. We’re not done, yet! Okay this lad could have gone for a clean and classy approach, but a bachelor would know that it is truly not worth the effort. #YOLO

Wait for it…

Bet this man would be proud!

Make in India! Be it cars, phones or rotis on Tablets!

Wonder what the smartphone is there for? To be used as a knife? Remind you of ‘naaptol’ ads much? ‘apna laptop fek dijiye. mobile tod dijiye. Jeans faad dijiye. Kyuki ab aa gaya hai humaara tab jispe aap pyaaz kaat sakte hain!’

3D in virtual reality. Oculus Rift, who?


Main tera jabra fan ho gayaa…

Notice how the USB port is still working…

Mithunda style.

Because a car-seat in a car is way too mainstream! Bet this is how AC DC drove their way to hell…

Look what happened to this guy’s car when it saw this one…

Slow claps. Land of doctors and engineers, not for nothing. Irrigation XXX style!

If there is innovation, it is here, it is here, it is here…

They see me rollin.. They hatin’! Sean Connery ain’t got nothing o’er me!

Check karo mitraan da swag billo! This swag is unprecedented…

That’s right.. You heard me!

Ek bachelor he jaane asli jugaad ka matlab! Bet all that those bottles had in them was soda paani

Jesse Pinkman knows.. and so does Heisenberg! B-)

Alright, that’s it for now! If you think, there’s something that deserves to be on this list, please do leave us a comment.