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Joyoshare VidiKit Review – A multi-functional video editing software


Videos have become a major part of our daily content consumption. Content creators from all around the world are now creating videos on pretty much every niche. From pet videos to makeup videos and even coding tutorials all are now available on platforms like YouTube.

Taking YouTube as an example, over 500 hours of content is uploaded to the platform each minute. Also, over 5 billion videos in total are watched by YouTube users on a daily basis.

Post-processing is a very important part of video content production. It is essential for content creators to have efficient and functional editing software in-hand to create exceptional videos.

For anyone looking for affordable, functional, and efficient video editing software, the Joyoshare VidiKit software is a great choice.

What is Joyoshare VidiKit?


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Joyoshare VidiKit is a popular multi-functional video editing software that supports both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Using Joyoshare VidiKit, you can perform basic video editing tasks such as cut, crop, merge, etc. as well as other tasks such as adding watermark or subtitles to videos, record audio/video from video streaming platforms, etc.

Joyoshare VidiKit Features

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Below is a detailed look at the features of Joyoshare VidiKit editing software to give you a better insight into its functionalities.

  • Easy Access to Basic Editing Tools: The software provides easy access to basic video editing tools to perform tasks such as cut, crop, rotate, merge, etc.
  • Convert Videos to Other Formats: Joyoshare VidiKit software allows users to convert between 150+ popular audio and video formats such as MP3, MP4, MKV, WMA, MOV, DVD, ISO, etc.
  • 60x Faster Lossless Conversion: The software features optimized “acceleration technology” which allows conversions to happen at a 60x faster rate in comparison to ordinary conversion tools. Also, the software offers lossless 1:1 conversion between formats. This means that the video after conversion will retain the same quality as the original video.
  • Screen Recording & Screenshot Support: Joyoshare VidiKit allows users to take screenshots and capture screen recording videos from various websites including video streaming sites. There is no limit to on-screen recording and there won’t be any watermark on the recorded video either.
  • Inbuilt Freeware Media Player: There is also an inbuilt media player within this software. Thus, you can play video files and also access Live Photos, etc. from within the Joyoshare VidiKit software for free.
  • Repair Video Files: If you wish to recover corrupted video files, you can do that as well. There is a built-in video repair feature that lets you recover the video files without any hassles.
  • Add Watermark to Videos: Using Joyoshare VidiKit, users can add watermarks to their videos to make sure that their videos aren’t republished anywhere else without proper credits.
  • Convert Multiple Videos At Once: You can also convert multiple video files in a single go by making use of the “Batch Conversion” feature. While using Batch Conversion, the output format of all the video files need not be the same, thus helping you save a lot of time.
  • Friendly User Interface: The Joyoshare VidiKit software features a very simple-to-learn and friendly user interface that both professional and amateur users can easily get used to.

Final Words

The Joyoshare VidiKit video editing and conversion software are one of the best and easy-to-use software that is efficient for both amateur and professional video creators.

Moreover, unlike other video editing software that very much restricts the features that users can experience in the free version, Joyoshare provides access to various useful features within their freemium account.

We hope you found this review of the Joyoshare VidiKit video editing software informative and easy to understand. If you’ve already used the VidiKit software in the past, feel free to mention your personal reviews as a comment below. We are also offering this 100% off coupon code “PCTABLETFREE” of the “1-Month Plan” license for our readers, which is valid until April 8th, 2021.