Jia Jia robot is the first humanoid by Chinese engineers and is interactive

“Jia Jia” is the first Robo-maid or Robo-assistant complete with facial expressions. A humanoid and if its creator is to be believed, this eerily human-like a robot do her master’s bidding in a jiffy with aplomb and finesse. “Jia-Jia” was introduced last year by a group of engineers at the University of Science and Technology, China.

The project was headed by Chen Xiaoping, and he could be called the father of “Jia..” and he was strutting like a proud father as he gave a short description of its prowess at the conference organised by Banking Giant UBS at Shanghai.

The humanoid developed by the team can correctly answer questions about the weather, stock ratings, and even correct train arrivals. She can even recognise the sex of the questioner. The robot has been designed to identify humans and machines and interact with them. It also has its autonomous navigation and positioning abilities. The Robot is controlled via cloud technology.


The humanoid looks gorgeous as she takes on traditional Chinese attire and lets her hair fall like a cascade. She even complimented a man and said: “You are a handsome man”. However, when asked if she has a boyfriend, she said she preferred to remain single. Often she is stumped by simple questions, but despite the drawbacks, its creators say that significant progress has been made in two years and they are refining the Robot on a daily basis.

The humanoid looks every bit human with natural eye movement and speech which is synchronised with lip movements. It will still take a decade before we see the actual Robots doing a range of menial tasks in hospitals, restaurants, homes and old age care centres. However, the pace has been set and Humanoids helping us in our tasks is just round the corner.