iVOOMi IV-PBL13K1 13,000 mAh Power Bank Review

iVOOMi released a high capacity power bank for smartphones and other smart devices. The power bank has a capacity of 13,000 mAh which is enough for charging three to four devices quickly with a full charge. The build and design of the power bank is also very straightforward; it comes with two ports and aluminum body to withstand rough usage. The power bank retails for Rs. 1,399, let’s find out more about this power bank in its in-depth review.

iVOOMi power bank comes with a nice aluminum casing all over with matte silver finish. The end caps are made of black plastic and feel sturdy too. It has the iVOOMi logo on the front with status indicator LEDs and some details about the power bank at the back. The iVOOMi power bank has rounded edges all over to hold it comfortably in hands and keeping it in the backpack easily.

iVOOMi mi 3s initial impressions

The top edge of the power bank has all the ports and a button to check the status of the battery. It also got two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously and a microUSB port to charge the power bank.


  • Capacity: 13000 mAh
  • Input: 5V/ 2A
  • Output 1: DC 5V/ 1A
  • Output 2: DC 5V/ 2.1A
  • Dimension: 122 X 81 X 22 mm
  • Weight: 320 grams
  • In box contents: power bank, micro USB cable, and user manual

The iVOOMi power bank is a compact device but not small enough to keep it in your pocket. Because of its high 13000 mAh capacity, it can charge three devices quickly from 0% to 100% with average 3000 mAh battery capacity each. It comes with two output ports and is intelligent enough to adjust the power according to the device attached.

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The maximum output is 5V/ 2.1A for fast charging for every smartphone; both output ports can charge two smartphones simultaneously with same charge rate. There is no need to turn the power bank on for charging; it automatically turns on when any device is attached to the output and start charging it. And once the device is detached, it turns off automatically to save the battery.

The power bank takes slightly more than one hour to get charged and once charged; it can charge three smartphones easily. In our testing, the power bank charged two smartphones with 3000 mAh battery each. Power Bank took approximately half an hour to charge both the devices at the same time. Using the small microUSB charging cable which came with the power bank charges the devices faster than a regular USB cable.


iVOOMi power bank comes with a high capacity which can power two devices simultaneously without any delay. The power bank itself charges very quickly to get ready for long trips. It comes with a data cable to charge one device; you have to use another data cable from yourself if you want to charge two devices using the power bank. The power bank is also durable and made of light aluminum which makes it lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack.


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