Home News ISRO to launch PSLV rockets lifting 6 Singapore satellites in December

ISRO to launch PSLV rockets lifting 6 Singapore satellites in December

PSLV has become the most trusted ISRO rocket and has launched both Indian and foreign satellites successfully. It will once again launch six satellites of Singapore by mid-December 2015 including a 500 kilograms earth observation satellite. The satellite will be placed in a near equatorial orbit, inclined 15 degrees lower to the south of the equator.

The remote sensing satellite will be positioned in a unique near equatorial orbit which will enable it to revisit regularly the same regions at short intervals of 96 minutes.

Antrix Corporation Chairperson and Managing Director – V.S. Hegde said that Singapore has a cloudy weather for a major part of the year and, therefore, the satellite will have to be put in a sun-synchronous polar orbit 550 kilometres above the earth. It will enable it to transmit signals around the clock.

Satcom & Sensor Systems Private Limited will be launching its first commercial satellite, and it will be carrying an electro-optical camera capable of taking images with a ground resolution of one metre.

Hegde added that the satellite will be useful in disaster management, monitoring forest cover and other environmental tasks, maritime safety, urban planning and security.

India will also be launching a 900 kgs dedicated communication German satellite, EnMap by the end of 2016. It will be for the German Space Agency (GLR).

Hegde proudly informed that Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) has launched 23 satellites from developed and developing countries in the low earth orbits. ISRO has also launched 23 nano satellites of Japan, Algeria, Canada, Indonesia, and the US for communication, remote sensing, and observational activities.

India is investing heavily in space vehicles given the lucrative market for launching satellites in the 1.5-tonne category. PSLV rocket is the mainstay of ISRO and is economical and has an enviable record of successful launches.


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