ISRO develops Solar Calculator app to identify the solar potential of a city

Space Applications Centre of Ahmedabad headed by ISRO has developed an Android App that can calculate the solar potential of a location. The app is named ‘Solar Calculator.’

The Solar Calculator app developed by ISRO provides monthly and annual solar potential along with the maximum and minimum temperatures at any location. It shows the location in a satellite image and offers minimum and maximum temperature to calculate the realistic solar potential.

The location works just like any GPS service or an online map. The app can use GPS, and the user can also put in a different location.

The app can also calculate the obstruction of sunlight using Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and suggest an optimum angle to install a solar PV. All this data can be downloaded and saved in a PDF format.

India has made a commitment to increase its share of non-fossil based power generation capacity to 40% of installed electric power capacity by 2030 as a part of the Paris Agreement.

A set of data released by the Central Electricity Authority of India, the country generated 1.35 billion kWh electricity in the month of February, this year.

Creating awareness and public participation in harnessing solar energy seems to be the reason behind developing this app.


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