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Is Your Mac Slow? It’s High Time for a Cleanup

If you’ve noticed that your Mac has serious lag time, it may need a good cleaning out. From all of the downloads, files, and extra stuff, your Mac could be worn out, unable to perform at its peak. That’s why cleaning up your gadget from the inside out can help, getting it back to the powerful machine it used to be. Find out more on how to clean up your Mac, plus the perfect schedule for this necessary aspect of electronics use.

Why Your Mac Slows Down

Before you take off and start searching for solutions, it can be a good idea to determine what’s causing the problems. Macs start to lose their ability for swift performance most of the time due to a buildup of open folders and apps. Otherwise, it often has to do with a lack of storage space, especially if you have many downloads and files saved and stored.

ABCs of Boosting Up Your Mac

Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to take a step back and analyze your Mac usage, finding ways that you can reduce the bulk and free up space. Once you know how you use your Mac, you can follow the steps below to clean it up and get it back up and running the way it used to.

1. Check Your Software

One of the critical factors in a slowed-down system is outdated software. Software updates come with enhancements that optimize performance. If you’re behind on updates and using outdated software, you’ll start to notice that your computer will run slower. Plus, you might not be able to download new apps, games, or programs if your software is incompatible.

Check out your software and keep it up to date so that your system can run nicely and smoothly whenever you need it.

2. Skip the Visuals

If space and performance are more important to you, you can speed up your device by skipping the visual effects. One setting on Macs automatically changes pictures on your screen, which can be cool, but if you’re trying to enhance your business, you can surely do without it. It drains the battery and compromises the performance of other critical tasks. So, try to skip the visuals to get your computer back up and running.

3. Take Out Your Hard Drive Trash

If your hard drive is full of old files, documents, and photos, you might experience slower performance. Your Mac needs the energy to save your content, which can take away from other things. It’s a good idea to either delete or store important files off your computer, ensuring that you don’t have a lot of stuff you don’t use, taking up space, and dragging down performance.

4. Give It a Restart

We don’t often think about the damage that keeping a computer running can do until it starts to slow down. Keeping your computer on all the time can make it work overtime and not give it enough time to rest. Though computers are machines, they also need time to revive and unwind, starting back up and ready to work better than before. If you’re not in the habit of restarting or shutting your Mac off, you need to get into it, helping your device stay healthy.

5. Don’t Go Overboard on Preferences

Preferences are called preferences for a reason. They’re only meant to be used for the things that you prefer. Therefore, you only need to choose a few. However, what many of us do is fill our Preference panes to the max, which can cause our Macs to slow down. Clean up your widgets, select the ones you will use, and clear the rest away. Even though it’s convenient to have everything at your fingertips, it can become a hassle if your system isn’t running well.

6. Turn Off Notifications

Every time that you download an app, you’re asked about notifications. These are great for mobile devices, but they could cause your Mac to slow down. Instead, turn off notifications and save them for your cell phone, keeping your computer from freezing up due to overload.

Give Your Mac some TLC

Devices are reliable and invincible if they get tender loving care from their users. Your Mac needs a good cleaning to work like a charm. Keep on a cleaning schedule and never experience downtime, running at peak performance the entire time.

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