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Is Windows Defender good enough for Windows 10?

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If you have Windows 10 or you are planning to install it on your computer, the chances are that you won’t need to install another antivirus. Windows 10 comes prepacked with the Microsoft Windows Defender. This is just an antivirus that belongs to Microsoft, and it comes for free with Windows 10. But the question is, is this antivirus good enough for Windows 10?

In other words, do you need an extra antivirus for Windows 10, or Windows Defender is protection enough?

We shall be discussing that in this article.

Windows Defender Strengths

Just because Microsoft Windows Defender is the default malware and anti-virus software and that it comes for free doesn’t mean that it’s ineffective. It can offer decent protection on your computer.

  • It provides a baseline protection

If you are just a regular surfer of the internet, or you use your computer to do the basics, Windows Defender would serve you decently. It can detect any mild virus and quarantine it appropriately, which should leave you with a safe system.

Windows Defender can also offer you enough protection on the social media platforms. Also, if you will be making some occasional downloads, this free antivirus should be fine for you.

  • No Pop-Ups

Don’t you just hate it when some of the premium antivirus software doesn’t give you a breathing space because they want you to upgrade your current package? Maybe they have an offer and they ‘don’t want you to lose it,’ so they keep prompting you to purchase? It can be annoying to experience that, which is why most people don’t want to install an antivirus on their computer.

But with Windows Defender, you can kiss those annoying popups goodbye. You will never be asked to ‘buy an offer’ or upgrade your package. It is a default antivirus that comes with a single plan for every user. Plus, you don’t have to buy it.

  • No Computer Lags

Windows 10 on its own is a heavy OS, and it needs an equally strong system. If you have a system with fewer requirements for Windows 10, you may not experience a swift performance if you install a heavy antivirus. But with Windows Defender, it works swiftly and will not overpower your system. Most of the antiviruses out there are heavy, and they will demand a lot of your RAM’s memory. In this case, you will have a system that lags whenever you run the antivirus.

But it’s not just about the popups and a swift-running antivirus. Instead, you want a software that can assure you of protection whenever you access the internet or download stuff.

Here, Windows Defender might not be the perfect antivirus to keep you safe.

Where Windows Defender Fails: The Not-So-Good

Even though you will get this antivirus for free with Windows 10, you may not depend on it 100%. There are a few pitfalls with Windows Defender; they include the following;

  • False Alerts

Have you ever experienced an antivirus that rejects a specific website, and they claim that it is ‘suspicious’ even though the website is genuinely trustworthy? This is what is called the false positives/false alerts. It is when an antivirus claims a site is risky, yet it is openly safe.

Unfortunately, Windows Defender is fond of the false positives. This lovely, free antivirus might seem reliable at detecting suspicious content, but this can get out of hand sometimes. When this happens, Windows Defender will block access to a safe website or even prevent the installation of legitimate software. It can be so annoying to experience such.

In this case, you might be tempted to lower the protection settings on the Windows Defender, which will make them more vulnerable to real malware/virus attacks.

  • Cyberattack Victim

Did you know that Defender works the same on all the computers? Regardless of the system specs on your computer, Windows Defender will run the same. For this reason, cyberthieves have found a way of attacking this free antivirus’ users. They can predict and circumvent through the security check chest of Windows Defender. These hackers will come up with malware that is designed to beat the primary detection of Windows Defender. As a result, they can get their malware to get past the security detection.

So, Is Windows Defender Reliable Enough?

Honestly, it performs decently, but might not be the perfect antivirus software. If you are a heavy user of the internet and you visit multiple websites, this antivirus might fall short on excellence at some point.

Also, if you download torrent files too often, Windows Defender might also not offer you the best protection as such.

But on the positive side, it does offer 100% protection against zero-day malware attack. Here is where you trust a website, but cyberthieves use those trusted sites to attack you with their malware. Thankfully, Windows Defender will block all those suspicious malware downloads. You might only be frustrated when it starts blocking the trustworthy downloads. But still, it’s better safe than sorry.

Is Windows Defender Enough for Ultimate Protection?

Well, not really. If you need optimal protection, you might want to go for good antivirus software. Some might opt for a free antivirus, while others will want a premium version. For starters, Windows Defender is a free antivirus with a ‘premium’ performance. But remember that technology giant, Microsoft develops Windows Defender. But for other free antivirus programs, you might want to think twice. Generally, there are some disadvantages of the free antivirus software.

Always choose a decent antivirus that will protect your online activity, scan your system for any malware, and keep away any potential malware/virus. Also, ensure that you make an in-depth comparison of the top antivirus programs before you choose one.

Windows Defender is good antivirus software, but it is not good enough for your Windows 10. You need better software that can go beyond the ‘decent’ line. Also, be wise with your online activity, don’t just visit any website, even if it seems suspicious.

So, do you have Windows Defender installed in your computer, how satisfying is it? Will you be going for a premium antivirus software? Whatever you decide, make sure you make the right choice.

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