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Is Skincashier a Legit Site?

Counter-Strike seems like a game that just can’t leave our lives and retire once and for all. The newest release in the game’s franchise, Global Offensive, brought the game into the 21st century by implementing new features that are now a golden standard for all major FPS.

With the game’s development came one feature that redesigned the graphical look and brought excitement to a huge player base.

We’re talking, of course, about CS:GO skins. Something that made other modern FPS customizable and fun to play is now a very big part of Counter-Strike. Skins are not only fun but also they can be worth lots of cash if you decide to sell them.

Skincashier is a site where you can sell CS:GO skins to other players and make real cash while playing the game you love.

Is Skincashier legit? How can you be sure it’s safe to use it?

We’ll try to answer these questions to you, among other information you need to know about this amazing site.

Site Background

Skincashier is an exciting site that listened to the player’s needs and allowed them to cash in on their hours of playing CS:GO.

To be completely honest, selling skins is not something Skincashier come up with – as you probably know already, Steam enabled this option a while ago.

Well, do you see anybody selling their skins on Steam? We think not.

Skincashier allows you to sell your skins for real cash, not like Steam’s idea of making Steam credits that you can only use for purchases on the platform. With such a great deal, who wouldn’t turn away from Steam and trade for real money?

Skincashier is still a young website, but one with a steady incline of new members trading on the platform.

User Reviews Say Positive Things

We would never start writing about Skincashier without going through many user reviews on different forums.

User reviews are the best description of how the service works and if it’s worth our time. They can often be decisive whenever we buy stuff online or look into services of other websites.

We invested a lot of time looking into the public opinion about Skincashier, and oh boy, were we in for a treat.

Judging by these reviews, players put their full trust in Skincashier as it never fails to deliver on its promises. The site provides skin-selling services with an instant cash-out option for smaller transactions.

An easy-to-use interface is another great feature saluted by many players, and even those without any experience in selling CS:GO skins can make their way around the site.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

One small thing we noticed is that some users stated that larger money transactions take a little bit of extra time to complete.

Sometimes it might take up to a day to complete, but if you’re not in a rush, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The People Behind the Site Are Responsive

There would never be a good site without good people backing it up.

The site’s customer service is very responsive and offers you solutions to any issue along the way. We took a little bit of our time testing this claim, and the results were more than encouraging.

Skincashier’s customer service will answer any of your questions, and help you out, in cases when your transaction might fail.

The people behind this service are attentive and treat you with the full respect you deserve as their customer.

It Offers Solid Security

Your security is one of the biggest concerns that Skincashier takes a lot of pride in when dealing with your sensitive info.

The site uses SSL protocols that guarantee your shared info will remain safe on their servers after every money transaction.

You can feel safe and confident entering your sensitive info, and you can expect nothing less than your data staying hidden away from any security breach.

The site keeps your translation safe by adding another safety feature- sending verification codes on every transaction between the players. Without it, it’s impossible to go through the final steps and get paid.

You Can Count on Transactions to Work

If you complete all the necessary steps when making a transaction, there’s no reason to worry about it getting done.

Skincashier has a flawless transaction success rate that guarantees you’ll sell your skins in a matter of minutes.

The website was built well, and there are no hiccups in the whole process, starting from registering until cashing out on your loot.

According to many user reviews found online, you can feel confident that dealing with Skincashier will make your budget bigger by playing the game you love.

You might have a skin or two that you don’t need in your inventory, so why not try it out.

Get Paid Quickly and Easily

Quick and easy cash is a dream come true for anybody.

Skincashier offers just that if you’re ready to give up on some inventory in CS:GO. Something you might not even like sitting in your inventory can bring you real cash.

Why not exploit the opportunity that Skincashier has given to us, and make someone else happy by getting new skins they’ve always desired and make some money along the way.

The quick cash-out option is a game-changer in ways how we sold our unwanted skins in the past. Something that great shouldn’t be avoided, and we should embrace the opportunity given to us by Skincashier.


If you love customizing your weapons in CS:GO, skins might be your weakness that haunts you every time you play the game.

Either you’re looking to buy or trying to sell, Skincashier is a perfect platform that you can browse and use at your convenience.

If you ask our final opinion, we fully support a site that’s well-designed and has such a good offer on the table for all those trying to make extra cash in their pocket.

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