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Is Android More Customizable Than iOS?

The war between Apple and Samsung rages on – and we expect it to for years to come. As a general rule of thumb, there are more Apple users and advocates out there than there are for Android, but it’s more of a statement and showpiece than one chosen on quality and features. Notice that every single celebrity has an iPhone. In terms of being customizable, Android has always reigned supreme. iOS is excellent in many respects, but in features and customization – it’s very much lacking. Below, we will explore why Android is so much more customizable than iOS.

Right From The Home Screen

Right from the get-go, you’ll realize that Android is easier to customize, and there are more options to do so, and that starts with the home screen. Android users can add widgets, calendars, different time displays, and many more. iPhone users are stuck with the uniformed rows and boxes with the odd group of apps placed into one big box. Some people aren’t necessarily bothered about that, but Android users typically love the ability to customize the home screen – and remember, that’s just the beginning.

Android users have the privilege of customizing their experience to their unique needs and desires. For example, users can set an email provider, web browser, and maps to default. iOS users have to actively seek out and use Google Maps over Apple Maps – one renowned for having a poor navigation system compared to Google Maps.

Additionally, if you want to have a choice on how you message people, you can think again if you’re an iPhone user. The iOS system only supports iMessage as your way of SMSing, whereas with Android, you can download and use many of the various SMS apps and set it as your primary messaging service.

Better At Downloading and Sending Information

With Apple, you’re restricted from downloading and sending information thanks to the lack of software, app, and platform options. For example, if you were to download and send information using iOS, you’re limited to WhatsApp, email, and Airdropping – although Airdropping is a cool feature that Android could replicate.

With an Android, you can download using Adobe, notes, Google Docs, Word, and many more. It makes it so much easier to download a diverse range of content that Apple users have historically struggled to do.

Sending information is also made easier with Android – although, again, airdropping is a great way to send and receive data. Just as with receiving, Android users can send information using The Cloud, email, and even Android’s new messaging system that replicates iMessage. It’s also super easy to send videos. How to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone is a popular question, and it’s easy to do if you customize your Android to save and send videos using the many apps that facilitate it – like Private Share, for example.

Private Share would be a great tool if you were trying to cheat a slot machine! Or if you’d prefer to send secret information like personal family videos without running the risk of them being intercepted.

Better Editing Features

Android is by far better at editing images and videos without the need to download additional apps. Android has built-in editing features that let you work on a picture or video as if you had downloaded a purpose-built app. The most recent Samsung S21 Ultra, for example, features an immensely powerful camera that’s able to capture crystal clear videos and images – all of which are easy to customize from the photo library.

Apple doesn’t have the same capabilities, leading many users to opt to download editing software instead.

Getting Technical

Android users have the pleasure of customizing the ROM if they so wish to. The ROM is essentially the operating system of a phone, and it was once unheard of to be able to customize an operating system like it is with iOS. But, this is a particularly geeky customization option and not for everyone. Rather than using the standard ROM, you can put in an entirely new and completely customized ROM that allows you to do anything you want with your phone – to an extent.

Click here to learn more about that. You’d have to be in the know-how to be able to do that, but if you’re interested in heavily customizing your Android phone, this is the way to do it.

Android by far trumps iOS if you’re looking for a phone you can customize. It might be more trendy to have an iPhone, but if you’re looking for a device with longer battery life, more features, and one you can easily customize, and Android is a way to do it.

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