iPhones to Feature True Tone Technology

Gearing up for this year’s launches, Apple Inc may have come up with a massive technological upgrade for the iPhone. According to a report by Barclays, the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 is said to feature Apple’s ‘True Tone technology’.

The True Tone technology already features in the iPad Pro that was launched last year. This technology facilitates an automatic adjustment of backlight in the display so that the user can not tell the difference when there is a change in light around him/her.

The four-channel sensors incorporated through the technology allows the device to adjust and correct white point and illumination according to the light outside. This technology also appeals to the e-Book fan community as the calibration system allows a paper-white rendering for books. Just like real-time filter, the main job of True Tone is to facilitate a good reading experience.

Having had a good run so far with the 9.7-inch iPad pro, the technology is said to do better with the iPhone. A huge reason could be that the phones have a relatively small display. It will be tested on both LCD (iPhone 7S and 7S Plus) and OLED (iPhone 8).

On the downside, this is highly likely to increase the price of the iPhone. The component cost is said to increase by at least 60%. With a history of justifying the price hikes with the upgrades, it looks like the company is planning to stick to its routine. A huge case in point here would be the MacBook Pro upgrades introduced last year.

Reports suggests that the iPhone 8 price in the US will start from over $1000. The word in and around the tech community is that Apple has something special up its sleeve for its next launch. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for sure until the actual launch.