If rumors are to be believed, Apple is currently doing extensive negotiations with Sharp to supply OLED display panels for the flagship iPhone 8 in 2017. According to reports, the Cupertino-based tech giant is planning to make use of the OLED display for the first time in its history for the forthcoming iPhone dubbed “iPhone 8”.

Historically, Apple is celebrating its 10th anniversary of iPhone. Hence, there were reports since last few months that the company is gearing to launch new iPhone 2017 with several design modifications. Recently, Bloomberg also hints at a possible integration of an OLED display panel in association with Sharp. Multiple rumors have only aggravated the situation to a large extent.

Apple Watch makes effective use of OLED

That being said, Apple is already making effective use of OLED in Apple Watch. It is being said that OLEDs have comparatively enhanced contrast ratios than traditional LCD. This is because there is no involvement of any backlight in the OLED technology.

OLED display will make thinner gadgets

The presence of OLED display makes the smartphone thinner. Hence, you can expect a think iPhone in 2017 at a higher cost. This is mainly attributed to the lack of backlight. Moreover, OLED displays have an ability to easily flex than other currently available display technologies. If the reports are true, you can expect an iPhone in 2017 which looks similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

OLED display ensures improved contrast ratio

In technical parlance, OLED displays provide improved contrast ratios. Moreover, the display panel consumes less power than conventional IPS displays when showcasing dark content. If reports emerging from multiple sources are to be believed, iOS 11 will be integrated with a special dark reading mode like in Redmi 3S Prime.

According to industry analysts, Sharp will be able to seal the deal if it can promise Apple about the supply of enough “output capacity.” Meanwhile, Sharp announced $500 million dollar investment into OLED display segment. The rumor signals that this figure will increase. However, you will not be able to view the results of this mega funding until late 2018.

Talking about other specifications, iPhone 2017 aka iPhone 8 will be manufactured using all-glass design with the physical home button and Touch ID sensor integrated into the display.

However, Apple Insider KGI disclosed that the display panel would not be all-glass due to limitations of technology. The company said that the display would comprise of glass and stainless steel mixed together.