iPhone 6S Release Date: What to expect from Apple’s upcoming smartphone

iPhone 6 might be the talk of the town, but that does not mean that Apple Inc. is not planning to move on from its shadow, with an even better offering this year. Chatter about the company’s new exquisite device is already getting louder on the internet with regards to the release date as well as specs that people should expect.

PC Advisor reports that Apple’s next flagship device would probably be called iPhone 6S as it has come to be a norm with iPhones. Apple has in the past released iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, as well as iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S; thus iPhone 6S won’t be out of the mark. It also remains to be seen whether the Cupertino-based company might opt altogether, to ditch the numbering of its future models and instead go for something like iPhone Plus.

The new device looks set to be unveiled sometime in September as it has come to be the norm with Apple’s major launches. On the design, Apple is unlikely to go for a much larger display from the current iPhone 6 Plus, so a 4.7 inch screen display looks set to be in order. The use of Sapphire glass in the design might come into play making the new device much lighter compared to the past models.

The use of more liquidmetal material could mean Apple doing away with metal and glass, which most of the time make the phones a bit heavier. MacX.cn on its part believes Apple might resort to a complete overhaul of the new smartphone design and instead go for a 5-inch OLED display with a 440 PPI resolution.

The next flagship gadget is sure to be faster with the possibility of incorporating an A9 processor that would also go a long way in bolstering the camera’s performance. Rumors also suggest that Apple Inc. might go for a display that extends into the sides, expected to provide additional touch-sensitive portions. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor could also be built on the entire display for the purpose of eliminating the home button.

The camera aspect of the new phone is expected to be the biggest leap of the new phone with rumors suggesting that Apple Inc. might opt to incorporate a two-lens system to allow for DSLR-quality imagery. A new reversible charger could also be in the offing with a new iPhone charger.

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