iPhone 16 Pro: Leaked Surprise Upgrade Hints at Major Battery Boost


A recent leak has confirmed a significant upgrade coming to the iPhone 16 Pro models, hinting at a major boost in battery life. According to reports, Apple is ditching the traditional foil casings for a new frosted metal shell design in its next-generation flagship iPhones. This change is expected to significantly improve battery performance and potentially influence the future of iPhone design.

Key Highlights:

  • Leaked details suggest a new battery design for the iPhone 16 Pro models.
  • The new design utilizes a frosted metal shell instead of the traditional foil casing.
  • This could significantly improve battery life and pave the way for future iPhone designs.
  • The A18 Pro chipset,¬†expected in the iPhone 16 Pro,¬†demands a more efficient battery setup.
  • Apple is likely to strike a balance between performance and battery endurance with this upgrade.


The leak comes from sources within Mizuho Securities, a reputable investment firm known for its accurate Apple-related predictions. Along with the new battery design, the report suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro will be powered by the A18 Pro chipset, promising a significant leap in performance. However, the team at Mizuho notes that the higher performance of the A18 Pro will necessitate a more efficient battery setup. This is where the new frosted metal shell comes in, offering superior heat dissipation and potentially allowing for a larger battery capacity without compromising the phone’s size or design.

The implications of this leak are significant for both Apple and its customers. Battery life has long been a concern for iPhone users, and this upgrade could address that issue head-on. Furthermore, the new frosted metal shell design could pave the way for more innovative and efficient battery solutions in future iPhones.

It’s important to note that these are still leaks, and the final design of the iPhone 16 Pro may differ. However, the information from Mizuho Securities has a strong track record, making it highly likely that these changes will be implemented in the upcoming flagship iPhone.

iPhone 16 Pro is yet to officially announce the iPhone 16 Pro or confirm any of the leaked details. However, the company is known for its secrecy, and it’s unlikely that they will respond to these reports before the official launch.

The leaked details about the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery upgrade are promising news for Apple fans. The new frosted metal shell design could significantly improve battery life and pave the way for more innovative designs in the future. While official confirmation is still pending, the information from Mizuho Securities suggests that Apple is taking significant strides in addressing one of the biggest concerns among iPhone users.

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