India urged developed nations not to introduce any new agenda during Paris Conference if they want to make this event a success. The event is likely to take place in Paris in December with a prime focus on climate change issues.

Indian Environment Minister’s Approach

Prakash Javadekar, Environment Minister, India, cited that Paris Conference shouldn’t be celebrated as an event where each country takes actions that are determined by its own and no one else.

According to Javadekar, the participating countries shouldn’t forget the fact that they will unintentionally breach Kyoto Protocol rather than United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change if they take this way.

No participating country should try to rewrite this convention on its own. Adding to his comments, he said that Paris Conference should be a universal event where every country is free to express its call to actions; however, they should be in line with global environment safety. Such collective actions can deal with the issue of crucial climate change in an effective way. Mr. Javadekar considers Annexes a vital part of the basic structure of the conventions.

He reacted in response to suggestions given by a few participating countries that Annexes shouldn’t be placed in the newly signed agreements as INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions). Some of the countries said that if Annexes are included, they can lead to differentiation through self-differentiation.

Mr. Javadekar urged the developed nations that no new agenda should be introduced to ensure that the Paris Conference can be a huge success.

All the major countries have agreed upon creating a local environment settlement after including “UN Framework Convention on Climate Change” of different parties in the coming December. To make this event a success, all the participating nations have agreed to publicize what actions they will consider in this settlement.

Earlier, there was no restriction on any country to take climate-friendly action; however, this event has changed things in an incredible manner. If unnecessary changes are made in the core objectives of the event, then it may lose its beauty, which shouldn’t happen at any cost.