iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Unveils Feature Feast for iPhone Users: Emoji Extravaganza, App Choice Freedom, and More

Apple Drops Exciting iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Update

Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 beta update, released on February 7th, 2024, packs a punch of exciting features and enhancements for iPhone users. While still in the testing phase, the beta offers a glimpse into what could be available to the public as early as March 2024. Let’s dive into the key highlights:

Key Highlights:

  • Over 100 new emoji: Express yourself in greater detail with a diverse range of new emoji characters, including a shaking head (both yes and no), a phoenix, a slice of lime, broken chains, and many more.
  • App Store opens up: Following the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations in the EU, iOS 17.4 allows users to choose alternative app stores and default browsers for the first time. This marks a significant shift in Apple’s ecosystem and could potentially increase competition and user choice.
  • Live Activities for Stopwatch: Keep track of your elapsed time even when switching between apps with the new Live Activities integration for the Stopwatch app. This feature offers a convenient way to monitor your workouts or timed tasks without constantly returning to the app.
  • SharePlay expands to HomePod: Enjoy synchronized media playback with friends and family across Apple devices, including the HomePod speaker. This allows for a more immersive experience when listening to music, watching movies, or sharing other content.
  • Podcast transcripts: Enhance your podcast listening experience with automatically generated transcripts, similar to the real-time lyrics feature in Apple Music. This makes it easier to follow along, catch specific details, or rewind without needing to rely solely on audio.
  • Siri language flexibility: Ask Siri to read your messages in different languages than your default Siri language. This allows for smoother communication across various languages and enhances accessibility for multilingual users.
  • Focus mode improvements: Fine-tune your Focus modes with greater granularity by selecting specific contacts or apps to be allowed notifications under each mode. This provides more control over how you receive notifications based on your current activity.

Apple Drops Exciting iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Update

Beyond the headlines:

The iOS 17.4 beta also includes several developer-focused features, like the ability to request additional hardware and software resources for specific app needs. Additionally, a Baseline review process offers developers feedback on their apps’ compliance with Apple’s guidelines.

It’s important to note that the beta version is intended for testing purposes and may contain bugs or glitches. Users should wait for the official public release before updating their devices to avoid potential issues.

Live Activities for Stopwatch:

  • The Live Activities feature currently appears on the lock screen and notification center.
  • Users can tap on the Live Activity to open the Stopwatch app directly.
  • This feature is expected to be available to other compatible apps in future updates.

The iOS 17.4 beta 2 update brings a wave of exciting features and customization options for iPhone users. From diverse new emoji to greater app store freedom and enhanced accessibility, the update paves the way for a more personalized and versatile iOS experience. While still in beta, these features offer a promising glimpse into the future of iOS and its potential to cater to diverse user needs and preferences.


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