Invest in Digital Gold this Akshaya Tritiya for as low as INR. 1 Invest in Digital Gold this Akshaya Tritiya for as low as INR. 1

Invest in Digital Gold this Akshaya Tritiya for as low as INR. 1

If you have been thinking of buying gold this Akshaya Tritiya but worried about the skyrocketing gold prices, fret not! Go for Digital Gold this year and buy for as low as INR 1.

Gold is an auspicious metal, and many people take it as an investment which is a financially sound decision. It has always been a preferred investment component across the globe. However, with the exponentially rising gold prices across the country, many of us are worried about how to make the purchase this time on the pious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya.

Here, Digital gold comes to the rescue. Investing in digital gold is not only simple, secure and rewarding but it comes with all the additional benefits that physical gold offers.

Refer to this Smart Guide to know all about investing in digital gold – how it works and its benefits. For starters, anyone can start investing in digital gold with an amount as little as Rs. 1.

Understanding Digital Gold

Digital gold refers to buying gold digitally where the procuring company keeps it purchases it and keeps it safe for the customers. With digital gold, you can start investing as low as Rupee 1, buy and sell according to market dictates, while the procuring company handles the safe storage.

In India, three main companies offer digital gold – MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd., Augmont Gold Ltd., and Digital Gold India Pvt. Ltd with its SafeGold brand. Airtel Payments Bank offers DigiGold in partnership with SafeGold, the leading provider of digital gold. With DigiGold, Airtel Payments Bank customers can invest in 24K gold within a minute through the Airtel Thanks app.

Why invest in digital gold

Digital gold forms one of the secure ways of investment and is a good way to protect yourself from an unstable market. Here are six reasons to invest in digital gold this Akshaya Tritiya:

  1. An assurance on 24K pure gold – Customers get genuine 24K gold with a purity assurance certificate.
  2. Make a small investment – Customers can make small investments, starting from as low as Rs. 1.
  3. Redeem as per your wish – Customers can sell digital gold at any time when needed. In addition, they can also choose to exchange their digital gold for physical gold coins, bars, etc.
  4. Guaranteed safekeeping – While physical gold comes with the storage hassle and safety concerns, digital gold is stored in insured and secured vaults by the seller without any extra charge.
  5. Digital gold as security for online loans – If you own digital gold, you have the option of utilizing the owned assets as collateral for quick and hassle-free online loans.
  6. Get instant updates on gold prices – Customers get real-time market updates for which they can act in terms of buying/selling at the appropriate time.