Intex B4301 Smart 4K 43-inches LED TV Review

Intex is one of the famous smartphone brands in India which recently came to the TV section of the market. The latest release from Intex is Intex B4301; a 43 inches smart TV with 4K UHD playback support. The price of the TV is set to Rs. 52,990 and will be available in offline Intex stores. Let’s see what Intex has to offer from its latest released LED TV.

Build and Design

The Intex B4301 LED TV comes with an attractive yet basic design with an arc-shaped metallic stand to keep the TV on. There is nothing much you can do with the design of a TV when you are providing so much at such less price. Still, you can see the effort from Intex on this TV; the bezels around the screen are pretty thin, and the overall weight of the TV is also less than a regular 43 inches TV.

Intex B4301 7

The TV takes less than 10 minutes to set up, and anyone can set it up without any particular tool or help. There are two attachments in the box which goes under the TV and then the stand goes over those accessories using the screws provided. The TV stays rigidly in place, and there are no wobbles whatsoever once the TV has been set up.

Intex B4301 8

The Intex B4301 comes with enough ports to get it ready for content from any source. You can attach any storage device to one of the USB (x2) ports and play any format you have. Or you can connect a TV Box to one of the HDMI (x4) port and use any service like Netflix. And if you are a gamer then connect your console to it, or you can connect your computer (VGA x1) if you support the PC Master Race! Other ports include one audio out, RF in and one RJ 45.

Software and Remote

Intex worked hard on making the user interface more like the Android TV OS but it actually the custom OS from Intex itself, you can sideload the apk files though. The home screen shows almost all the shortcuts and connectors you mostly need once you turn on the TV. The navigation is smooth and sleek with an Intex store to get all the applications.

Intex B4301 5

Amazon Prime Video is available to watch some high-quality content and stream it directly to your TV. The Intex app store has YouTube which you can install, but this Google doesn’t provide this TV to stream content in 4K, only 1080p FHD is available. Overall the user interface is smooth and easy to navigate.

Intex B4301 4

The Intex TV remote works and looks mostly like the magic remote from LG’s WebOS. The user experience with this remote is not that fluid, but at the same time, not the worst we have experienced. The cursor is a bit choppy but while navigating using the buttons are much more smooth than the cursor navigation.


Now coming to the most crucial part; the screen. The screen is 43 inches with 4K (3840×2160) resolution, 16:9 ratio and 178 degrees view angle. The colors look mediocre, and there is no upscaling done on the content while playing them on this display. The Screen also shows some light bleed near the edges which apparently affect the dark scenes in the videos.

Intex B4301 6

There is no upscaling provided while playing the 4K content too but at least you can enjoy 4K UHD movies on this TV, the HDR support is absent though. One major problem is that you mostly have to stream 4K content to this TV because the system doesn’t read the NTFS file system and it is almost impossible to get the large files on a FAT32 format drive.

The audio quality is also not that great to expect from this TV; the sound quality is enough for a small room and loud enough. The audio quality is a bit compromise, the sound coming from those down firing dual 10W speakers is not crystal clear.


  • Swift software (can sideload apk files)
  • Can play 4K content


  • Sound quality is not the best
  • Controlling cursor using remote is a bit choppy


The Intex B4301 UHD LED TV is a perfect TV if you are looking for a not so expensive 43 inches UHD smart TV. This TV can be used in plenty of ways and comes with a bunch of connectors to get the content on this TV from any source. It also comes with an RJ45 port so you can game online without lags.


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