Internet addiction leading to burnout among schoolchildren: Research

Internet addiction leading to burnout among schoolchildren

Internet has opened the avenues for accessing valuable knowledge and placed them at our fingertips. However, recent studies have established that adolescents are at a risk of developing conditions associated with ‘school burnout’ because of excessive internet usage.

A recent study financed by the Academy of Finland has successfully established that digital addiction is the reason for dearth in interest towards school and academics.

Findings, based on the study (Mind the Gap), have shown that as adolescents develop an inclination and indulge in excessive internet usage, they tend to feel detached towards their school which eventually leads to school burnout.

If the same situation continues for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to depression and the age group of 13-15 is apparently the most vulnerable group for this addiction.

Promoting engagement towards the activities carried in the school and motivating the kids to learn are by far the most effective methods of improving the mental health of the students.

In the study conducted by University of Helsinki and Department of Psychology, it has been further observed that even though boys frequently indulge in excessive internet usage; symptoms of depression are more evident in girls.

One of the primary reasons for such burnouts is that adolescents today are literally growing up using mobile devices and computers. They are more than active on social platforms which conditions their mind in a way which compels them to wonder if the social world is more important than the real one.

However, digital access does have its pros as well. It has been recorded that internet does provide healthy social experiences which are useful for the personality development of an adolescent but at the same time, the internet usage needs to be diligently moderated in order to prevent them from feeling detached towards their school.

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