International Yoga Day: Five best Yoga apps to stay fit

In today’s competitive world, people have no time to take a deep breath and stretch a bit. So there are enormous handy Yoga apps composed for breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation to relax your body. Gear up for 21st June 2016, the International Yoga Day, by downloading yoga apps available for Android and iOS devices. These apps provide visual as well as audio guides to a variety of poses (Asana) that are beneficial for mind, body, and soul.

Below listed are some amazing and helpful Yoga learning apps which each one of us can make full use of:

1. Daily Yoga:

Guess we can easily donate five minutes every day over our body. This app has various categories on the basis of experience levels, durations, and fitness goals. The commitment of just 5 minutes a day shall too make a difference and would make you livelier. With over 300 poses and audio and video guides, it is very easy to do Yoga. You can even customize your yoga sessions based on your requirement and goals. There is a Social Community of Yogis, which you can access and keep yourself motivated and do yoga daily.

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

2. Simply Yoga:

The mission of this app is to keep yoga simple with your fingers. By downloading the app on your smartphone and performing yoga, this mission can be accomplished. There are various comprehensive programs ranging from 20-60 minutes. There are 30 poses represented in the form of audio and video clips for easy and quick following. Once you feel comfortable and at ease with one level you can gradually move towards further levels.

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

3. Universal Breathing: Pranayama:

Breath is an important part of Yoga. Incorrect breathing techniques can make you fell fatigue at the end of the session. So, it is very important to follow the instructions carefully before actually performing it. This app is created by physicians and is technically designed depicting breathing techniques more diaphragmatically. For quick and better results minimum 15 minutes per day is recommended. You can practice Pranayama at any time of the day and get yourself relieved from stress.

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: $4.99

4. Yoga Studio:

This app gives you the feel of actual yoga studio through its incredible 65 yoga and meditation sessions. His app enables you to create your own classes, track your progress and even schedule your sessions accordingly. Even HD resolution videos are also available, which can be easily downloaded and practices anywhere and anytime. The session timings range from 10-60 minutes, starting small duration as beginners and then gradually increasing the duration. Small sessions will start making you feel that yoga is a part of your daily schedule. You may tend to feel more vibrant and active.

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: $3.99 and Rs. 69 respectively

5. Pocket Yoga:

pocket yoga

Having the app saved in your phone, you can perform yoga anytime and anyplace thereby having Yoga in your pocket within smart phones. There are more than 200 different poses illustrated in the form of photos and videos in the app. You can easily watch the video and perform the asanas. The vocal instructions present in each video give a step by step illustration for performing accurate Asanas. You can even play your saved library music and perform yoga with ease. Description and benefit of each Yoga pose is described one by one as you move on the list. The progress is continually tracked by the app and sessions are too designed automatically based on the progress graph.

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: $2.99 and Rs. 204 respectively

Health and fitness are vital elements of our life. Yoga helps to relieve us from stress and tension thereby maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All the above-mentioned Yoga Apps are amazingly designed for users who don’t have time to visit and attend some fitness classes. Apart from that, our busy daily lives don’t spare any time for ourselves, through this app, we can easily track our fitness progress sitting at home. So what are you waiting for? Download these Yoga Apps and take a resolution on International Yoga Day to bring a pleasant change to your lifestyle.