The Interference of Communication during Total Eclipse is caused by Sun’s Corona

Since the beginning of time, it is believed that there comes a time, usually after approximately 26 months; when the mars and the sun appear to be in one imaginary line or behind one another. Apparently, NASA have a moratorium on sending commands to spacecraft in an orbit around the mass. This mission is always aimed at promoting or enhancing the transmission between the mass and the planet earth.

In most cases the communication between the mars and the earth via the spacecraft revolving around the sun is interfered during the eclipse (total solar eclipse). The interference has been a question which many ordinary people have been asking but luckily, the NASA team has an answer to that!

What Actually Causes the Interference of Communication between Mars and Earth Station?

According to Chad Edwards, who is the manager of the Mars Relay Network Office at NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, the degradation of the communication link between this planets have are as a result of the position of the earth. He further says, “Out of caution, we won’t talk to our Mars assets during that period because we expect significant degradation in the communication link and we don’t want to take a chance that one of our spacecraft would act on a corrupt command”

From the later statement, it is very vivid that insisting on communicating during these period could force the spacecraft to act on a corrupted command. But, what is the reasoning behind this premise?

Based on the reasons given by NASA experts, during total solar eclipse, the sun’s corona are always extended from the surface of the sun. They become visible during the total eclipse and with that the hot ionized gases will always interfere with radio waves which are crucial for communication between the spacecraft orbiting around the Mars and the remote station on earth.

All will not be Lost during Total Eclipse

NASA, however, have something to be happy about rather than blaming the sun’s corona and its ionized gases. Although the corruption of data bits crucial for transformation will be experienced, there is always a continuous reception of elementary which shows the status of the spacecraft and helps in reconstruction delayed data relayed earlier.


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