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Interactive apps may help lower depression and replace drug therapy


As the nation becomes Digital, a new super active application will help its citizens de-stress and carry out the daily chores in a much more confident way. The app is named Intellicare and is composed of simple exercises to reduce stress, minimize self-criticism and to worry. It has everything in it, hymns, and mantras to make you recognize your strengths and also simple steps which will usher a good and sound night’s sleep.

According to David Mohr, who is affiliated with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Illinois, US, as a Professor, claims that the design of the application has been done to fit comfortably into people’s life.

In the study which involved 96 participants who regularly used the IntelliCARE interactive app up to four times daily, this added up to 195 times in 8 weeks. The subjects spent one minute with each app and also spent a long time with the apps containing relaxing videos. The subjects reported a 50% decrease in the symptoms of their anxiety and depressive state. The results were better or at par with the results in clinical practice which involved prescribing anti-depressant pills. Using apps to tackle depression is a better and non-invasive method to allay the symptoms of Anxiety and depression. Also, check here if you need to buy 1plsd from Europe.

Conventional treatment including administration of drugs is fraught with danger, and there is always a risk of addiction to this medication, which is equivalent to a situation where the cure becomes worse than the disease in the end.

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