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Interaction with Mr. Mridul Jain, Director – Sales, BizCom at Sennheiser India

We got a chance to interact with Mr. Mridul Jain, Director-Sales, BizCom at Sennheiser India at the launch of the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, a communications solution for mid-sized Microsoft Teams Rooms in India. Mridul is working in the AV Industry since May’06 with products ranging from Video Conferencing to Microphones and Installed Sound Solutions. His Experience involves both Direct Sales (Govt and Enterprise) & Channel Sales (Distributors and Dealers). Forte in providing end-to-end solutions right from Design to Delivery. Involved in the setup of the New Business Segment namely Integrated Systems for Sennheiser India nationally whilst maintaining the Business Segment as a profit center for the company.

So, the interview went like this:

  1. As you know that businesses are now settling with the hybrid working system, so according to you how has the hybrid work environment impacted the Bizcom segment for the brand?

We discovered the technology facilitating hybrid working and flexibility to support different ways of working. Automate people management, connect employees, and create efficient working environments that maximize productivity and improve engagement. The hybrid workplace generally allows employees the opportunity to fit work around their lives, rather than structuring work around fixed hours logged into an office. For many employees and employers; it’s an optimal balance of productive work with reduced stress and less commuting. We noticed significant changes at workplaces and matched our expertise to help the community for easy learning and communication with our new idea of UC products and software enhancement for better communications.

  1. What are the brand’s strategy and vision for growth in the Indian market this year and how strong is Sennheiser’s Bizcom segment in our country?

As a brand’s vision we have five broad growth strategies which include right-sizing the Indian market, understanding Indian customer’s needs, adapting and delighting with the specific business models, market expansion, and delighting our partners with our unique solutions and relationships. This game-changing move of delighting our customers with understanding their pain points has positioned us as an attractive destination for growing our base with a unique long-term mutual growth potential of the Indian subcontinent AV market and Sennheiser.

Our most significant target markets include the major Indian cities. We have important customers from the Govt institutions, Corporate and IT hubs, manufacturing, and prestigious educational institutes on our books, with Sales and Service bases in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. We are now spreading our wings to Tier 2 cities with a plan to address the needs for use of UC products enabling world-class experiences.

  1. What is the brand’s vision behind launching the TCIS and what is its differentiating KSPs?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is the ultimate new audio solution optimized for mid-sized Microsoft Teams rooms for up to 10 people. It is designed specifically to give teams a whole new way to collaborate: smart, focused, inclusive, and as if everyone is in one place. Intelligent solutions such as the integrated Cortana voice recognition software make the operation of the product itself obsolete. Automatic meeting notes make an inclusive meeting experience possible for remote and hard-of-hearing participants.  As an integral part of the room and equipped with the latest technology, the product offers an omnidirectional speaker and covers a 3.5m radius with 7 integrated beamforming microphones.

  1. Is there any solution for non-certified Microsoft rooms and how are you planning to tackle that challenge?

Sennheiser has been in the market for the past 15 years now and our aim has always been to sustain our position as one of the leading audio solution brands in the market. With the same thought process, we came up with this product. Yes, a person will be able to enjoy the features of the product mainly when they have certified Microsoft Team rooms and will work without it also as a speaker but will not transcribe.

  1. How is Sennheiser planning to revolutionize the Bizcom space in the new market?

Our mission is to be a strong industry partner for audio solutions with the goal of optimizing working and learning environments in the education, Corporate, and Govt. sectors.

With our market-leading products for touchless audio and digital wireless technology, as well as our traditional solutions, we want to be a perfect, value-adding and preferred audio communication provider. Through our network of global partnerships, we also offer the freedom and flexibility to design our own ecosystem without restrictions hence making us brand agnostic and giving the customer varied options.

Apart from the brand being a synonym for quality, I would say Sennheiser stands for enabling enthusiasm and solving real and stubborn problems related to audio reinforcement.

We thank Mr. Mridul for taking the time out and answering our questions!