How to insert or change SIM card in an iPhone X


Got a new Apple iPhone X? Then you might want to insert a new SIM card or change the existing SIM card to a new one. Well, we have got you covered as we bring you a detailed article on how to insert or change SIM card in an Apple iPhone X easily.

As the Apple iPhone X is a very costly device, proper care must be taken while you insert or change the SIM card so as not to damage your iPhone X or the SIM card.

Tips to keep SIM card safe and working

Below are some tips to make sure that the SIM card you wish to insert into your iPhone X is in proper working condition and not damaged.

  • Make sure that the SIM card is kept dry always.
  • Avoid exposing the SIM card to extreme magnetic field and temperature conditions.
  • Do not modify the dimensions, cut or even trim the edges of the SIM card.
  • Avoid contact with the gold plated part of the SIM card as much as possible.
  • Always make sure the SIM card is inserted in the correct orientation while inserting into a device.

How to insert or change SIM card in the iPhone X

Now that you are aware of the precautions that you can take in order to make sure the SIM card is not damaged, below is the step by step guide on how to insert or change SIM card in the iPhone X.

  1. First of all, power OFF the iPhone X. Do not try to insert the SIM card while the device is ON as it can end up damaging your device or the SIM card.
  2. The SIM card tray slot will be available on the right edge of your iPhone X.
  3. Gently insert and then push in the SIM ejector tool that came with your iPhone X to the spot available next to the SIM card tray slot.
  4. If the SIM ejector tool is not available, the pointed end of a paperclip or safety pin can be used instead. However, the SIM ejector tool is recommended.
  5. Once you push the SIM ejector tool into the spot, the tray will pop out.
  6. When the SIM card tray is popped out, replace the existing SIM card or place your new SIM card in the tray with the gold plated part of the SIM facing downward. Make sure that the orientation and placement of the SIM card are correct.
  7. After placing the SIM card correctly, enter the SIM card tray back to space from it popped out and press until completely flushed in.
  8. Now, power ON your Apple iPhone X.
  9. Wait for the booting to complete.

A few moments after the device is booted, you will be able to see the SIM card carrier name and the network signal strength which indicates that you have inserted the SIM card into your iPhone X correctly.

Final Words

That was a quick and easy guide on how to insert or change SIM card in the iPhone X. In case of any doubts, do leave a comment below and we are always happy to help you out.

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