Innovative Team Seeks to Revolutionize Spreadsheets with $3M Funding

sourcetable funding

In a bold move that aims to reshape the way we interact with spreadsheets, former AWS engineers have successfully raised $3M to develop what they claim to be the world’s fastest spreadsheet. This innovative venture seeks to challenge the dominance of tech giants like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets by introducing a more powerful, intuitive, and efficient solution.

Key Highlights:

  • Sourcetable, founded by Eoin McMillan, has secured $3 million in seed funding, adding to a previous $1.25 million in pre-seed funding.
  • The startup aims to tackle the limitations of current spreadsheet software by building a more dynamic and integrative tool.
  • Sourcetable’s offering includes advanced features like real-time collaboration, data syncing with over 100 business applications, and a SQL editor for large datasets.
  • Currently in stealth mode, Sourcetable plans to exit private beta by the end of the year, with a waiting list available for interested users.


sourcetable funding

A New Era for Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have long been a cornerstone in the arsenal of business tools, essential for a wide array of tasks from financial modeling to inventory management. However, despite their ubiquity, traditional spreadsheet tools often fall short in terms of performance, user experience, and integration capabilities. Sourcetable’s initiative is a response to these challenges, promising a leap forward in spreadsheet technology.

Features and Future Plans

Sourcetable distinguishes itself with a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing productivity and collaboration. The platform is designed from the ground up to support a modern workflow, integrating seamlessly with a vast ecosystem of business applications while providing robust data analysis tools. As Sourcetable continues to refine its product based on user feedback, the focus remains on expanding its features, including more integrations, templates, and enhanced analysis, reporting, and collaboration capabilities.

Expanding the Team and Market Reach

With the recent funding, Sourcetable is poised to accelerate its growth, aiming to build a world-class team and expand its market presence. The company is targeting professionals across various sectors, including sales, accounting, finance, support, and HR, who require advanced data manipulation and analysis tools.


Sourcetable’s ambitious project represents a significant potential shift in the digital workspace, challenging established players by prioritizing innovation, user experience, and integration. If successful, this initiative could redefine how professionals interact with data, making spreadsheets not just a tool of necessity but a powerhouse of efficiency and collaboration. As the product evolves from its beta phase, the tech community eagerly awaits to see if Sourcetable can indeed deliver on its promise of building the world’s best spreadsheet.

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