Infinix Zero Ultra Infinix Zero Ultra

Infinix Zero Ultra flagship phone launch includes a NFT Collection lucky draw contest

The international smartphone manufacturer Infinix has announced it will launch its new flagship smartphone named Zero Ultra on October 5, 2022. Apart from having top-of-the-line specs that is characteristic of flagship phones, the other unique aspect of the Zero Ultra smartphone is going to be its 180W Thunder Charge feature. Apart from the all-new flagship offering, the company has also lined up the space-themed limited-edition XBOY EXPLORER animated NFT collection at the same event. Those willing to participate in the NFT lottery will have to do so by making a purchase or by visiting the Infinix global official website.

The company said XBOY EXPLORER NFT collection is a tribute to the indomitable human spirit and the insatiable urge to discover the unknown, something exemplified by the space theme of the limited edition model. To further drive home the space connection, Infinix said the collection comprises of five characters that represent a planet in our solar system along with a state-of-the-art feature of the device. For instance, there is the 180W Thunder Charger feature as well as the 120Hz 3D Curved AMOLED display panel on the top, to name a few.

Infinix said fans will have to log in to the company’s official website to have advance information on the lucky draw. Users will have to repost the information as well as share the same on their respective social channels in order to participate in the draw. Fans will also have information on when the device is going to hit shop floors via the site. And those who eventually buy the smartphone will be able to join the lucky draw contest. There is going to be a lottery card that each device will come bundled with. Infinix said it is 2 percent of the entrants that will go on to win the extremely rare NFT.