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Infinite Wealth Dev Reveals Three Job Classes That Didn’t Make The Cut

Infinite Wealth

The highly anticipated RPG Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has introduced an intricate job system, allowing players to customize their characters’ abilities and playstyles significantly. However, not all job classes envisioned by the developers made it into the final game.

Key Highlights

  • Job System Unlocks: Players can change job classes at the Alo-Happy tourism center, which becomes available near the end of Chapter 5.
  • Unique Job Classes: Each character starts with a unique job, enhancing gameplay diversity.
  • Diverse Jobs Available: The game features a variety of jobs, each with specific requirements and unlock methods, including Aquanaut, Pyrodancer, and Desperado for men; and Geodancer, Housekeeper, and Kunoichi for women.
  • Character-Specific Jobs: Some jobs, like the Hero (Ichiban only) and Detective (Adachi only), are exclusive to particular characters.

Infinite Wealth

Job System Overview

The job system in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a crucial gameplay mechanic that allows players to assign different job classes to their characters, changing their stats, main weapon, and abilities. This system unlocks in Chapter 5, providing a significant depth to character customization and strategy​​.

Unique Job Classes and Requirements

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth introduces several unique job classes. Each job has specific requirements, such as a minimum level of a particular personality trait or a fee for a training activity. Some jobs are exclusive to certain characters, adding a layer of strategic choice in how players develop their party​​​​.

The Excluded Job Classes

While the game boasts a rich array of job classes, there were plans for even more diversity. Specific details about the job classes that didn’t make the final cut weren’t directly mentioned in the sources, but the development process often involves refining ideas to fit the game’s balance, story, and mechanics. It’s a testament to the developers’ commitment to quality and player experience that they chose to streamline the job system, ensuring each class included adds meaningful options to the gameplay.

The Impact of Excluded Job Classes

While the final game includes a wide variety of job classes, it’s worth noting that the development process likely involved refining and selecting the jobs that best fit the game’s balance and narrative. The decision to exclude certain job classes, although not detailed, suggests a focus on ensuring that each included class provides a meaningful and balanced contribution to the gameplay experience.

Engaging with the Job System

Engagement with the job system in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is more than just a mechanic; it’s a core part of the game’s identity, offering players the opportunity to explore, strategize, and personalize their journey. The system’s depth and flexibility serve as a testament to the developers’ commitment to creating an immersive and dynamic RPG experience.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers a dynamic and engaging job system that adds considerable depth and customization to the RPG experience. While not every envisioned job class made it into the game, the available selection provides players with a rich array of choices to tailor their gameplay strategy. The developers’ decision to refine and focus the job system illustrates their dedication to delivering a balanced and immersive experience. As players explore the vibrant world of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, they will discover the joys and challenges of mastering the job system, ensuring each character’s role in their party is both unique and impactful.