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Infidelity website Ashley Madison says business is booming despite data breach

More people have continued to sign up for cheating website Ashley Madison despite the recent data breach. In a statement, Avid Life Media said that hundreds of thousands of new users signed up for the dating site last week alone. Hackers recently comprised the database of Ashley Madison, leaking millions of emails and some documents.

Ashley Madison is defying the impact that hackers thought they could cause it. Last week, the company boasts that about 90,000 women alone signed up for the site.

In the same week, over 2.8 million messages were sent by women to the site. The developments are taking place in the wake of a recent high-profile attack on the database of the infidelity site.

Fake Female Accounts

In the wake of the attack on the system of Ashley Madison, claims have also been made to the business making fools of men. Various sources have claimed that Ashley Madison uses bots to send messages to men as if they have come from real women.

Further reports point out that an actual number of active female users on Ashley Madison could be much smaller than the company claims.

33 Million Accounts Impacted

The attack on the system of Ashley Madison affected about 33 million accounts. The hackers, who claimed that Ashley Madison was not sincere about its privacy claims, stole emails and leaked internal documents from the company.

Ashley Madison’s CEO, Noel Biderman, resigned in the wake of the embarrassing attack. Avid Life Media, the parent of Ashley Madison, said at that time that the exit of Biderman was in the best interest of the company.

It seemed like the hacking of Ashley Madison would bring the Canada-based dating website to its knees. However, if you take the management for its work, the business is only getting better even after what was supposed to taint the image of the company.

Among other things, the hackers claimed that Ashley Madison didn’t keep its word to permanently delete the records of users who leave the service.

Financial Struggles Leaked

The leaked documents from Ashley Madison also painted a picture of a business that was struggling financially. The internal documents show that Avid Life Media was at some point within the last three years considering to raise funds or sell itself.

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