India’s Weather Satellite Insat-3D completed two years in space, according to a statement released by ISRO on July 28, 2015.

Insat-3D was launched by the European rocket Ariane VA214 flight from Guyana on July 26, 2013.

Indian Space Research Organisation‘s Insat-3D is designed for advanced meteorological observations & for monitoring of earth and ocean surfaces for the weather forecast, disaster warning.

The Imager and Sounder that are in the satellite provides a wide range of atmospheric information like cloud coverage images, atmospheric winds, humidity, quantitative rainfall and aerosols.

This information is very helpful in monitoring the day-to-day weather forecast and prediction of catastrophic disasters like tropical cyclone, thunderstorm and cloudburst.

The European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecast and United Kingdom Meteorological Office are exploring the possibilities to utilize Insat-3D in their global models.

According to ISRO, the great achievements of the Indian satellite mission has now helping it to be part of international groups like Coordination Group of Meteorological Satellites.